Thursday, July 08, 2010

Boys on the move

Baby Plum taking a ride on a fire truck. He was much more interested in pressing the buttons and making noise than he was in going back and forth. He's seriously considering crawling -- he goes backwards-- but would much rather be on two feet than four.

Little Elvis helped Coachpa mow the lawn. It was super-hot and also naptime. We had to drag him off the tractor kicking and screaming.
Here, Little Elvis looks a lot like his Daddy. He's squinting with one eye just like Bob does. And the curls? They're kind of gone. I got a little scissor happy. In my defense, it's really hard to cut his hair. He won't be still. It will grow back and hopefully the blunt edges will look better soon.

I know the picture's dark, but everyone is looking at the camera. Coachpa spent the morning hanging out with us, even though he had lots of errands to run.


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