Monday, July 19, 2010

Busy boys

I'm way behind on posting here. The boys are busy and constantly cute.

Baby Plum is fully mobile now. He's invented his own style of crawling, kind of hand-hand-knee-foot-knee-hand. He's deceptive with it, because he doesn't appear fast. He is. And he wants to get into EVERYTHING. And everything that he gets his little hands on goes straight into the little mouth. (As soon as I get my act together, he will have a music video.)
He doesn't look happy here. Most likely because he wants out of the stroller. Or he wants his hat off. I don't remember exactly, but I'm sure the hat wasn't on for long.

Little Elvis showing off Buckle Daddy 4. I let him have our couch for most of a week and then relocated the cars to his room. His royal highness was not happy with me for messing up Buckle Daddy 4, aka the Traffic Jam.
See how cute I am? How cuddly? I'm not as into hugs these days as I have so many fun things to get into. My brother likes that I'm better at playing with him, but gets mad when I "spit" on "his" toys. Silly boy.
Little Elvis posing with a cool green frog outside the pediatrician's office. He wanted to go along with us to Baby Plum's 9 month visit. He told me he was sick that morning. But when I mentioned shots, he was suddenly better. Why did he want to go? Our pediatrician's office gives out suckers at the end of the visits. Suckers. As does my allergist and Little Elvis' speech therapist. This frustrates me to no end. Little Elvis has a terrible diet, and it doesn't help that doctors in the area pass out dumdums. At least the dentist didn't give him one.


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