Friday, July 30, 2010

Moving violation

We are in such a fun stage with Baby Plum. He's kind of crawling (both hands, one knee and one foot), pulling to a stand on everything and cruising. And chattering the whole time. He makes a motor sound while crawling -- kind of an extended raspberry.

See the bruise on his cheek? He had his first major fall earlier this week. He pulled to a stand on our coffee table. It has drawers and he either pulled it out after he pulled up and lost his balance, or pulled to a stand while pulling the drawer out. Somehow he fell and hit his sweet, squishy cheek on the corner of the drawer. I had forgotten how painful this movement process is.

But, thanks to lots of hugs and kisses, the tears stopped and he was ready for more fun. He likes the "slip, slip slide" almost as much as his brother. Another thing they have in common? In this shot, he's going for the velcro on his diaper. He likes to go au naturel just as much as Little Elvis. (Since those diapers soak up SO much water, he did go nude the next time.)

Baby Plum is funny and so smart. Now that he's getting more into movement on all fours, he's taken to putting toys or his sippy in his mouth while he crawls.
Speaking of the sippy, he loves the sippy! See the amazement in that expression?
Showing me how fast he can drink from his sippy...

Ahh. This is just like my expression after my first sip of Coke. (2 parts water, 1 part apple juice is GOOD!)
"Step off big brother! Can't you see I'm drinking my juice?"


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