Friday, July 23, 2010

Sweet baby

Sweet Baby Plum is almost 10 months old! It's amazing how much faster the time flies with two kids. It went fast with Baby Little Elvis, but it's super-fast with Baby Plum.
This will be a common picture now. Baby Plum is on the move and just has time to glance over his shoulder and make sure I'm there. He likes keeping one of us in his sights.
I love this picture. He's got things to explore and he's very happy about it. We don't think he'll crawl for long. He's been cruising some, and doesn't always remember that he has to hold on.

Some sweet facts about our sweet Baby Plum:
--He likes when I sing. (Little Elvis doesn't, but Baby Plum breaks out a big grin whenever I sing one of "his" songs.)
--He thinks Little Elvis is hilarious. Little Elvis doesn't have to do anything to get belly laughs out of Baby Plum.
--He loves to eat, and is getting the hang of finger foods. He likes blueberries and green beans and any sort of bread.
--He's chatty. He talks a lot, and he squeals a good bit, too. It still doesn't bother Little Elvis, but I cringe when Baby Plum hits the high notes.
--He's sleeping through the night! Little Elvis didn't really do this until he was a year old. Baby Plum has been sleeping until 5 or 6 for about 2 weeks now. It's nice.
--He loves cords. And thinks it's funny when we say, "No, no." I often hear that the second child gets into more than the first. So, leaving him alone in a room is not a good idea.
--He's just as determined as his older brother, and seems to have as good of a memory.

Baby Plum doesn't like letting us out of his sight. He's usually ok with my parents holding him, but they're the only ones he willingly goes to.
He also doesn't like waiting for meals.

He is a super-sweet bundle of love, and we are so glad to have him in our family.