Thursday, July 29, 2010

We're having a party!

We had a party this weekend. Since we've been working so hard on our house, we called it a housewarming party. We invited family, friends and neighbors. The turnout was great. We've never had that many people in our house at one time.

I was worried about how the boys would handle having this many people at the house. Little Elvis was beyond thrilled. BEYOND. All week he talked about how all his friends were coming to our house for a party. The day of the party, he ran all over the house yelling, "We're having a party!"

Baby Plum was pretty fussy at first, but calmed down once we brought out the watermelon.

After eating, he continued fussing. I finally brought him into the playroom with all the kids and let him sit in the midst of the chaos. That did the trick. He wanted to play with all his friends, too.

There was a cute little song that Bob learned. He performed it at the party. Knowing Little Elvis' past experience with songs at parties, especially those his performed by his Daddy, we were worried. But we shouldn't have been. Little Elvis LOVED it! He even played his "flute" (recorder) while Daddy played.

We were so, so proud of him!

I know I promised lots of Baby Plum love. I have LOTS of pictures on the camera and plan to load them onto the computer this evening.

He is having the best time with his mobility. He loves to search for cords, brick fireplaces, and Matchbox cars. He also is determined to crawl under tables and then sit up. Learning to get around is so tough on the noggin.


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