Monday, August 02, 2010

Brotherly love

Little Elvis and Baby Plum a re almost ready to play together. For the moment, the play consists of Baby Plum laughing at his brother and trying to follow him around, and Little Elvis laying on top of Baby Plum, or crying because his toys are wet (with drool.)

But it's fun to watch them "play."

They like playing with the Slip n Slide...
pulling out all of the toys in the playroom...
and laughing at each other.

Little Elvis no longer spends the night with my parents. At the beginning of the summer, he said it was because he needed to "take care of Mommy." But more recently he cried because he missed his baby and wanted to see him. He loves to climb into the crib with Baby Plum in the mornings.

And Baby Plum can now crawl the length of our hallway. He usually heads straight for Little Elvis' room.