Saturday, August 07, 2010

First family vacation

We took our first family vacation last weekend. It was a one-night stay at the "big city" about two hours from home. And it went swimmingly. Baby Plum enjoyed his meals out, even though he never got to order off the menu. Here he's pretending his spoon is a microphone, but he doesn't need one. His screeches and squeals are ear-piercing.
Little Elvis enjoyed his apple slices, and yes, we ate out at Target. We don't have a Target in our new location and even though I don't believe Little Elvis remembers shopping at our old Target, he's been whining to go for weeks. He had a blast.

We mainly shopped at stores we don't have nearby for our vacation. Both boys were great and seemed to really enjoy seeing new things. It helped that Little Elvis got a Do Not Enter sign for his bedroom and a steamroller toy. I will admit that the sheer number of toys at Target overwhelmed him. He just wanted everything.

When not shopping, Little Elvis and Daddy had a blast swimming in the hotel pool. Everytime they went down, Baby Plum wanted to nurse and nap. Oh well.

Sleep, while it took a little (ok a lot) of coaxing, did happen.

But the most surprising event of our trip:Little Elvis played at the McDonald's Playland. He climbed up and actually played. He usually wants to go, then refuses to go up the ladder/stair thing. Something got into him, and he climbed up the slide and visited each of the little stations. He went down the slide repeatedly and had so much fun. We took him to Burger King to play today and although Bob had to help him get started, he warmed up quickly and had lots of fun. (Yes, when we eat out, we go all out. Target and fast food. We're very big spenders.)

So our first family vacation went very well. We just might do it again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Plum is getting to be as much of a "ham" for the camera as L.E. has always been.
Grandpa Stew

11:28 AM  
Blogger mpotter said...

oh- what a big boy!
no doubt he's (and you're) proud.

i know i couldn't believe when jovie decided to go down her first slide ever... and it was a TWIRLY slide, at that.
(we haven't had a chance to explore that since, what with the million degree heat and kabillion percent humidity).

so glad it all went well!
enjoy your next one. maybe you could go all out and go to Moe's. (haha)

12:52 PM  
Blogger Jeni said...

Oh those McD's playlands! Skyler always ends up in a fit over them, I just stopped taking him anywhere near one because he always got upset about wanting but not really wanting to go in one. Maybe it's time for us to retry one...

11:48 PM  

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