Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Little Elvis' latest and greatest

Doesn't Little Elvis look like such a big boy in this picture? .

He's thin with long legs like his daddy. Gone is my big, chubby baby. We no longer hear comments about our future linebacker (well, we do, but they concern Baby Plum now.) While Little Elvis is not gangly, most people are shocked when we tell them he was once just as big a baby as his brother.

He also talks up a storm now. We were still concerned about his speech last year around this time, but not anymore. He's a talker. And he has no problems expressing his opinions about everything. "I don't like...." is his favorite sentence starter these days.

I am constantly telling him that if he can't say something nice, then he shouldn't say anything. His reply? "But I just want to talk!"

Just is his current favorite word (he gets it from me.) I went to a mom's meeting today, and he and Baby Plum stayed in the nursery. They fed him a doughnut. When I went to pick them up, I heard this refrain the ENTIRE way home:

"I just want a doughnut! I just want a doughnut! I just want Mommy to make me a doughnut. I just want Mommy to take me to a restaurant to get a doughnut! I just want a doughnut! I do, I just want a doughnut, Mommy." Thankfully, the drive was less than 5 minutes.

Along with his expanding vocabulary is also an expanding sense of adventure. He wants me to tell him about his 'ventures at the end of every day before bedtime.

Last Friday we took him to our town's Super Fun Day. The first super fun thing he saw was a big, inflatable water slide.

He stood in line (with me holding his hand) and then climbed right up the ladder.

We thought he was going to demand to go back down the ladder for a second, but instead he sat..

and slid to the pool of water at the bottom.

He jumped out crying, "Again! Again!" We were so proud! Usually, it takes us a long time to convince him to try something fun like that.

After sliding, he painted a picture, ate a snow cone and got his face painted. Want to know what he picked out? X and Y of course. Because, yes, he still prefers (demands) to be called XandY.


Blogger lisa said...

What a big guy for going up the slide by himself!

9:00 AM  
Blogger mpotter said...

how seriously fabulous!!!
aaah, enjoy the talking.

my friend recently had a baby, and she is a CHUNKER. absolutely rolly-polly. and my friend is astounded to know that i went home and compared their 4mo baby weights. jovie was even a little bigger.
she says she's glad there's hope for her baby since jovie's fairly small now.

isn't it crazy how big they start out? then one day, their personality is what gets to be bigger.

yay for little elvis!!

12:56 PM  
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