Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Super Frog!

I've been feeling a little torn recently. Little Elvis' XY stage lasted all summer. And he would fuss at us if we called him by his real name. He would scream if we wrote his real name. With last year's preschool experience, I knew they wouldn't appreciate his insistence that his name was XY, RG or Scottie. What if he caused other kids to become belligerant over their names?

Much as I hated to limit his creativity, we told him that he had to stop insisting that his name was XY last week. I was going to try just calling him XY at home, but his therapist said to stop it altogether.

And people fussed at us last week. They thought it was so creative of him. And others continue to encourage it, which frustrates me. I'm getting really tired of people circumventing my parenting decisions.

Since we bid adieu to XY, Little Elvis decided to become a superhero instead -- Super Frog.

I pinned a baby blanket to his shirt for a cape and made him his own logo.

SuperFrog can put his own cars up in his carrying case. That's something Little Elvis usually tells me he can't do. And he at least wears a shirt and underwear when he's a superhero.

I'm liking this superhero thing....


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