Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Their favorite things...

It's a busy, busy time in our house these days. Bob's back at work, Little Elvis and I are attempting to do without naps (it's not really working) and Baby Plum is fully mobile and into everything. Everything. Little Elvis is not always fond of his brother's mobility.

Baby Plum does have a diaper on, it's just hidden by the diaper bag. That look? It's his I-need-to-get-into-something look. It's pretty constant these days.
This was Buckle Daddy 4. I have no idea what incarnation of the city it really is. Little Elvis loves creating cities and parking lots. He has a little rug with roads and landmarks all over it. He likes to park his cars around certain landmarks. Here they were all parked at his barn -- some were lucky enough to park inside the stalls. Baby Plum loves these parking lots and wants to play with the cars. Little Elvis screams when Baby Plum gets too close. He likes to say, "I just don't like to share, Baby Plum. I just don't like to share." They are fighting over the latest parking lot as I type this.

When not trashing parking lots, Baby Plum loves to go through his diaper bag. I'm not sure if he can open the zipper or not, maybe I'm not zipping them closed all the way closed. Anyway, if he has access to my purse or the diaper bag, you can be sure that everything will be pulled out and slobbered on. He gets frustrated with me if I pick up his treasures.

There's a lot of yelling in our house these days. I'm assuming it will only get more insistent as Baby Plum gets faster.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Plum's expression in the first photo. "Iv'e got a plan" he seems to be thinking. not to worry- it will get worst.
Grandpa Stew

5:22 PM  
Blogger Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Aw, Plum is already a big boy! Hope your summer is going well.

8:36 PM  
Blogger mpotter said...

here's to little brothers.....

hang in there!

(oh, and neither my purse nor my diaper bag close. so i have to keep them on the stool under the bar)

1:16 PM  

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