Monday, August 16, 2010

Waterpad fun

Usually when we go to the waterpad, Little Elvis has a blast.
He runs and plays and thoroughly enjoys himself. Last week, Baby Plum was determined to get in on this fun. He squirmed and fussed and did his best to get out of our arms and into the water. Finally we stripped him down to his diaper (I didn't think to bring his swim trunks) and sat him in the spray.
Finally, something Little Elvis is willing to share. Here he's showing Baby Plum how it works. ("You stick your finger in this hole....")
Baby Plum decided instead to summon the water gods his own way.
It works!

Baby Plum had just as much fun as his brother. Both were worn out by the time we left. It's so nice to have a place with cool water for them to play in when it's so hot outside.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And it's so nice that they have a mom who will transport them there along with the towels, dry clothing,shoes, etc.just to see them smile.
Love- Grandpa Stew

12:00 AM  
Blogger mpotter said...

that looks like SO much fun!!!
we have one in ATL but we've never taken her to it b/c 1. it's over 1/2 hour away. 2. it's been SOO SOOOO hot that when the water wasn't spraying you'd wanna melt & 3. we assume it would be massive crowded.

i'm so glad you are able to utilize yours. plum is certainly having a blast!

2:43 PM  

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