Saturday, September 25, 2010

One year of Baby Plum

The birthday boy enjoying pancakes at McDonald's. They were pretty tasty -- even with no syrup -- but much more fun to drop on the ground.

Our sweet, sweet little Baby Plum is no longer officially a baby. I tell him he will always be my baby, but he's a big one year old now.

This little boy is such a joy. He's curious and into everything, but he's very sweet about it. He hears "No!" a lot, and he usually thinks it's funny. He loves to play with our VCR. I will say, "Baby Plum, no. No, Baby Plum," and he will turn around and give me the sweetest little smile and then go right back to flipping the door.

His brother tells on him a lot, but that's just fine with me. Little Elvis helps me keep my eyes on our busy little baby.

Baby Plum loves lots of things. His favorite food is banana. He loves for me to sing to him. He has a best baby in the world song that I sing to him that he really likes. He also likes a little cheer that I made up for him. Little Elvis will chant this cheer as well.

Baby Plum adores his Daddy. He also loves me, but I think he'll be a Daddy's boy just like his older brother. And he loves Little Elvis. He likes to be near his brother whenever possible.

He's not quite walking, though he's close. He cruises everywhere, especially with walls and doors. He's very interested in electrical cords these days and does his best to hunt them down. He's discovered how to open our kitchen cabinet and pull out our plastic baggy holder. The cabinet now has locks.

Baby Plum has these big brown eyes. They aren't quite as dark as Bob's and Little Elvis' yet. They are a beautiful shade of milk chocolate, and his toothy grin is so cute.

He's discovered how to kiss. He opens his mouth and sticks out his tongue and expects me to put my cheek or nose on his tongue. His favorite thing to kiss is my nose. I'm a little nervous about those kisses though, because he bit me the other night and his teeth are sharp!

I love being with him most of the time, but I have my favorite moments. He's still nursing, and in the morning before Little Elvis is up, I get Baby Plum and he nurses in bed. He curls into me and we doze together and it is bliss. I can kiss his peach fuzz, which is getting longer everyday. I can whisper to him and tell him about the day. It's a great moment.

His birthday party was last Saturday (I've had a major sinus infection and haven't been very good on the computer.) and he loved his birthday cake. I'll put up the pictures and do a one year photo thing for him soon.

We love this little bundle of boy. He's too wonderful and too sweet -- even when he's fighting bedtime with the worst screams known to man (ok, known to me and Bob.)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Who needs hands?

Baby Plum is still using his hands to cruise and crawl, so he needs to find other ways to carry around toys and sippies.

I'm liking the easy editing from the digital camera, though the quality isn't very good. Now I just have to figure out the camcorder, since it's better quality.

We are a sick house today. Little Elvis has had a cough all week and Baby Plum's had a fever. This morning all three of us were coughing. No fever, though. Hopefully we'll all be better by the big birthday party on Saturday!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Are you ready for some football?

It's football season and the boys have been to two games so far. They wore their jerseys to the last game. And since they were dressed alike, we attempted to get pictures.
Here's one of our first attempts.
This was about 5 shots in.

So, we decided to shoot their "best" sides.

Monday, September 20, 2010

He's just shy

Baby Plum likes his Mommy and Daddy. If anyone else tries to hold him, he will let them know very quickly that he's not happy. (He's ok with Gram as well.)

Yesterday we had him baptized. We finally found and joined a church and I wanted to get him baptized before his first birthday.

The preacher is a very nice man. Baby Plum has met him before, but that did not matter.

Our sweet baby bawled. I mean turned red in the face and dripped tears throughout the entire, very sweet, ceremony. After the water, the preacher carried him around the sanctuary singing a sweet lullaby. The preacher has a beautiful voice. It was kind of hard to hear over the cries of our baby and the stifled chuckles of everyone in the church.

He stopped crying as soon as the preacher handed him back to us.

And I forgot to give the camera to my grandmother, so no pictures of this funny memory.

So, here are some fun eating pics of our cute almost one year old boy. See the little marks over his eyebrow? Little Elvis "ringed" him the other day. What does that mean? Little Elvis whacked Baby Plum on the forehead with a jingle bell. Baby Plum will be a tough little guy.
I was eating some corn the other night and Baby Plum had to share.
He liked it. But I think he will end up being just as picky as Little Elvis. Grr. Two boys who hate sleep and two who hate healthy foods.

And I'm finally attempting to really figure out the video software! This was shot at the football game last week. Baby Plum loves music and if he's standing will bounce to it. He was sitting at the football game, so he shook his head to the beat. I was a little late with the video, but he continued after the music ended.

This baby is just too cute sometimes.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not a beary good idea?

Baby Plum's first birthday is next week! (sniff, sniff) And I had the bright idea to make his party invitations. He's going to have a teddy bear birthday party just like Little Elvis' first birthday party -- I kept all of the decorations and teddy bear shaped cake pan. I thought taking a picture of Baby Plum with a teddy bear and putting "beary special" on the card would be cute.

Here are some of the more candid shots:

Here he's hiding behind the bear.
He tried jumping off the couch in this one.
He's starting to lose his patience in this one.
And he was through with the picture session in this one. Can you tell that he's crying?

Little Elvis saw the craziness and decided to show Baby Plum how one should pose for pictures.
I'm not sure what look he's going for, but I liked the expression.
And here, he arranged all the bears on our pew and then posed himself. When I'm trying to get Little Elvis to pose for a certain type of picture, he's not nearly as agreeable.

Family photos

All the men in our house wore stripes to church last Sunday. I planned to dress the boys in their "matching" stripes and Bob dressed himself. Him wearing stripes wasn't intentional, it just happened. (Honest! I promise I don't try to dress all of us alike!)
Later that day we went boating. Baby Plum was zipped up in a lifejacket and slept on my mom through the boat ride. Little Elvis had a blast, though he does get a little worried when we go too fast.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mommy messed up

This sweet little boy? He made a huge, HUGE mess this week. And it was all my fault.

He's not walking yet and is two weeks shy of a year, but he gets into everything.

I'm fully aware of this. Yet I thought nothing of leaving a mostly full gallon of white paint (that was as closed as I could get it) on the kitchen floor. It didn't take him anytime to rip that lid off and pour the paint all over himself, the kitchen and the hallway.

Thankfully, my mom rushed over to help me calm down and clean up the huge mess.

Baby Plum is fine. Poison control probably needs to be put on my speed-dial.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

First day of pre-school!

It's pre-school time again, and Little Elvis couldn't be more excited! He's such a social, outgoing little boy, which he gets from his Daddy. (He's also goofy, hence the silly expression while I snapped his picture if the drop-off lane.)
He wanted to wear orange to his first day. Little Elvis will tell you his favorite color is green, but it's not. It's so orange. Every morning I ask him what color he wants to wear, and every morning he says, "Orange!"

His first week went well, but they must be feeding him a big snack right before sending him home. He isn't hungry for lunch until about 2:30, and then doesn't want to eat supper. I'm going to have to work on this.

Here's hoping this year goes better. I plan to call his pre-school teacher this weekend to see how things are. No, I don't want to be 'that' mom, but after the issues with his teacher last year, I think it will help if I check in periodically. I don't think his teacher will mind.

Little Elvis grew so much last year with his speech and social skills that I can't wait to see how much he will grow this year. He's already coloring more, singing some and using stickers.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Like Mommy, like Baby Plum

Last week I went to a MOPS meeting. We sat in small groups and had to talk about favorite and least favorite things to do with parenting.

When I lie down on the floor and both boys are around, they swarm me. They climb on and over me and I love it. Yes, I usually say, "Oooof!" when Little Elvis unintentionally pokes my stomach with his elbow, but that's ok.

They are so happy to have every piece of me in easy reach. And I like to believe the few sit-ups I do a day are worth more when I do them with one or two babies sitting on my stomach.

(Little Elvis IS sitting to my side in this picture, but he was anti-picture last week. This week, he's back to his normal "Take my picture!" self.)

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Baby Plum, the model

Baby Plum is a super-happy giggly baby most of the time. But he always looks so serious in pictures. I think it's the red-eye reducer light.

Last week, I decided to remedy that. How? By fake sneezing before taking the picture.Sweet Baby Plum LOVES sneezes -- real or not.
He likes it even better when he's the one doing the sneezing.
For once, I'm happy to have crazy allergies.

I will gladly suffer through them year-round for smiles like these.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

My little speller

We're still going full steam ahead with no naps for Little Elvis. This week was hard for all of us. I've discovered that I need breaks. Nothing gets accomplished and I feel guilty for constantly saying, "In a minute... Please let me do this first... Just let me finish this..." as Little Elvis brings me books to read and cars to de-slobber.

We have to get into a better schedule. Or I have to stop sleeping at night.
Pre-school starts next week, and he's so ready. I'm trying to keep him entertained, though.Here's one of our latest cities. We built this during Baby Plum's naptime. We recreated a scene out of his favorite book -- Truck by Donald Crews.

When not making cities, Little Elvis has really gotten into spelling. He loves to "spell" our address on the fridge. According to him, our address has lots of letters and numbers.

So I was surprised the other day to walk into the kitchen and find him saying, "Men - M-E-N," and doing this:
He did that all on his own. Then he told me the letters in Women that I needed to find. At first he put the letters in no particular order, so I showed him how to spell it. Then I accidentally let Baby Plum near the letters and he scattered them.

After some crying, Little Elvis fixed it himself.

He certainly impressed me. They stayed like that until after he went to bed and I accidentally kicked them -- he did his spelling right in front of the fridge.

Friday, September 03, 2010

One of those weeks

Ever had one of those weeks when just about everything you attempted went awry? I've been having one of those. But it's Friday, and it's a holiday weekend, so it's all good now.
Yesterday both boys were playing together so sweetly. I ran to get the camera and by the time I was ready, this was the picture I got.
Baby Plum loves his sippy. He loves lots of things, especially anything that Little Elvis is playing with. Little Elvis loves anything that Baby Plum is playing with. We have lots of little battles everyday over the most mundane objects.
"What you talkin' bout, Mommy?"
Still, Baby Plum loves his brother. He's already doing his best to be just like Little Elvis. If Little Elvis gets to run around the house naked, then Baby Plum should get to as well.
The biggest problem we have with the cloth diapers is that it's very easy for Baby Plum to de-diaper himself and leave his diaper in the dust. Pretty cute little backside, though.