Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Like Mommy, like Baby Plum

Last week I went to a MOPS meeting. We sat in small groups and had to talk about favorite and least favorite things to do with parenting.

When I lie down on the floor and both boys are around, they swarm me. They climb on and over me and I love it. Yes, I usually say, "Oooof!" when Little Elvis unintentionally pokes my stomach with his elbow, but that's ok.

They are so happy to have every piece of me in easy reach. And I like to believe the few sit-ups I do a day are worth more when I do them with one or two babies sitting on my stomach.

(Little Elvis IS sitting to my side in this picture, but he was anti-picture last week. This week, he's back to his normal "Take my picture!" self.)


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