Saturday, September 04, 2010

My little speller

We're still going full steam ahead with no naps for Little Elvis. This week was hard for all of us. I've discovered that I need breaks. Nothing gets accomplished and I feel guilty for constantly saying, "In a minute... Please let me do this first... Just let me finish this..." as Little Elvis brings me books to read and cars to de-slobber.

We have to get into a better schedule. Or I have to stop sleeping at night.
Pre-school starts next week, and he's so ready. I'm trying to keep him entertained, though.Here's one of our latest cities. We built this during Baby Plum's naptime. We recreated a scene out of his favorite book -- Truck by Donald Crews.

When not making cities, Little Elvis has really gotten into spelling. He loves to "spell" our address on the fridge. According to him, our address has lots of letters and numbers.

So I was surprised the other day to walk into the kitchen and find him saying, "Men - M-E-N," and doing this:
He did that all on his own. Then he told me the letters in Women that I needed to find. At first he put the letters in no particular order, so I showed him how to spell it. Then I accidentally let Baby Plum near the letters and he scattered them.

After some crying, Little Elvis fixed it himself.

He certainly impressed me. They stayed like that until after he went to bed and I accidentally kicked them -- he did his spelling right in front of the fridge.


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