Saturday, September 25, 2010

One year of Baby Plum

The birthday boy enjoying pancakes at McDonald's. They were pretty tasty -- even with no syrup -- but much more fun to drop on the ground.

Our sweet, sweet little Baby Plum is no longer officially a baby. I tell him he will always be my baby, but he's a big one year old now.

This little boy is such a joy. He's curious and into everything, but he's very sweet about it. He hears "No!" a lot, and he usually thinks it's funny. He loves to play with our VCR. I will say, "Baby Plum, no. No, Baby Plum," and he will turn around and give me the sweetest little smile and then go right back to flipping the door.

His brother tells on him a lot, but that's just fine with me. Little Elvis helps me keep my eyes on our busy little baby.

Baby Plum loves lots of things. His favorite food is banana. He loves for me to sing to him. He has a best baby in the world song that I sing to him that he really likes. He also likes a little cheer that I made up for him. Little Elvis will chant this cheer as well.

Baby Plum adores his Daddy. He also loves me, but I think he'll be a Daddy's boy just like his older brother. And he loves Little Elvis. He likes to be near his brother whenever possible.

He's not quite walking, though he's close. He cruises everywhere, especially with walls and doors. He's very interested in electrical cords these days and does his best to hunt them down. He's discovered how to open our kitchen cabinet and pull out our plastic baggy holder. The cabinet now has locks.

Baby Plum has these big brown eyes. They aren't quite as dark as Bob's and Little Elvis' yet. They are a beautiful shade of milk chocolate, and his toothy grin is so cute.

He's discovered how to kiss. He opens his mouth and sticks out his tongue and expects me to put my cheek or nose on his tongue. His favorite thing to kiss is my nose. I'm a little nervous about those kisses though, because he bit me the other night and his teeth are sharp!

I love being with him most of the time, but I have my favorite moments. He's still nursing, and in the morning before Little Elvis is up, I get Baby Plum and he nurses in bed. He curls into me and we doze together and it is bliss. I can kiss his peach fuzz, which is getting longer everyday. I can whisper to him and tell him about the day. It's a great moment.

His birthday party was last Saturday (I've had a major sinus infection and haven't been very good on the computer.) and he loved his birthday cake. I'll put up the pictures and do a one year photo thing for him soon.

We love this little bundle of boy. He's too wonderful and too sweet -- even when he's fighting bedtime with the worst screams known to man (ok, known to me and Bob.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A yummy treat to try....Place frozen bananas in a food processor and it turns into the most decadent tasting ice cream, add peanut butter for a variation.

9:17 PM  
Blogger mpotter said...

oh wow! that is sweet- thanks for letting us get to know a little about him, too.

i so miss the nursing. that sounded wonderful!

5:47 PM  

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