Thursday, October 28, 2010

Where's my cord?

No pictures! I have no pictures! We've been to two Halloween events this week, and I have no pictures to share.

Not because we forgot the camera or forgot to take pictures. No. Instead I have managed to lose the cord that connects the camera to the computer. So frustrating!

Both boys look super cute in their little outfits. Little Elvis is the Cat in the Hat and Baby Plum is a little puppy (without the head since it's kind of a hat and my bald baby does not like hats.)

Baby Plum has managed a few steps on his own! They haven't been his idea, but he still did them. We still have the camcorder cord (right now!) so I will have to get video of Mr. Cuteypants.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby Plum, drink thief!

Baby Plum loves to drink! He likes milk, juice, water, etc. Pretty much anything in a glass is fair game.

Little Elvis has a bad habit of leaving his big boy juice cups (no lid) half full in random locations. Baby Plum will sit in wait until Little Elvis abandons his cup, and pounce on it, pouring the entire contents all over himself and the floor.

I've finally gotten Little Elvis to leave them on the table, and somehow Baby Plum pulled one off the the table and spilled it everywhere this morning! The table is fairly tall and I'm not quite sure how it happened.

Whenever I'm carrying Baby Plum and a glass of ice tea or lemon water, he has to stick his little hand in the liquid, and he delights in getting a sip of the water. Sometimes I get it way too lemony, but he doesn't seem to care.

Just a warning: If you see our busy little baby anywhere, keep your hands and eyes on your drinks at all times!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What should we do?

We have a problem. One that I didn't think we'd have at least until grade school started. Little Elvis is being bullied by our neighbors' kids and I have no idea what to do about it.

Normally he cries when their oldest boy taunts him through the fence, or the girls scream and run from him. But today the girls told him they didn't want to play with him because they didn't like him.
They told my 3 1/2 year old little boy that they didn't like him. And he seemed to understand. I have never, ever heard him bawl like he did after they told him they didn't like him. And I've heard him cry a lot.
We were so excited when we moved here. Yes, we had very good neighbors in Virginia. One little boy was his age and two others were older, but so patient and kind to him. They played ball with him, jumped on the trampoline with him and were just such nice kids.

But when we were looking at our house, there were toys in the yards of the houses behind us and we were thrilled that the boys would have kids to play with that were close to their ages. At first the kids were nice, but then something changed. The oldest, a boy, started taunting Little Elvis and telling him he couldn't come to play. He would stand at the fence between our yards and stare at Little Elvis for several minutes until Little Elvis noticed him. Of course, Little Elvis would ask to come over and play, and the boy would scratch his chin and say, "Ummm. No. I have to go eat dinner." Or, "No, I have somewhere to go." He would wait until Little Elvis started crying and then go inside. He's done this for several months now, and I got to the point where I kept the boys inside whenever the other kids were outside.

It's beautiful outside right now. I'm not keeping them inside just because the kids behind us are brats, but I've been timing our excursions for when I think they'll be in school. But tonight, Bob took Little Elvis out late. He thought the kids would be nice because he was there. He was wrong.

What do I do? I know my child is younger than the older kids. I also know that he's very active and the last time they played, he didn't seem to understand any game but chase. But that doesn't merit them telling him they don't like him. He's 3. Three.

The parents are never outside, so they don't witness this. The mothers are not friendly, and at first, I figured they didn't really like us, so they weren't letting their kids play with Little Elvis.

I want to do nothing. I feel like the boy will get tired of girls in a year or two and then he'll want to play with Little Elvis. I also know what Santa is getting the boys for Christmas, and I have a strong feeling those kids will have an interest in playing with our boys come December 26th.

Though I don't like this little boy, I understand that kids can be very mean. He might be a fun playmate next year, even though I have a strong feeling that I will never like any of them and will always see them as hateful brats.

I would love any advice or words of wisdom.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Touch a truck!

Our town had it's annual Touch-a-truck event a few weeks ago (way behind on photos) and Little Elvis had a blast.
His favorite vehicle? A beat up old school bus from a local buffalo park. He visited it several times.

Hopefully the only time he will be in the backseat of a patrol car.

He loves when the garbage truck comes through our neighborhood and has decided he wants to be a garbage man/astronaut when he grows up.
Although pushing big piles of dirt in the front end loader is also pretty fun.

As is spinning around in the crane.

He had a blast. So did we.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Little Elvis' stage

Little Elvis can be the sweetest little boy. He can, but recently he's been extremely difficult... at least for me.

Still, there are times where he says and does the most interesting things.

Last week, I made a wrong turn on our way to the library. We ended up going a back way, and we went by the local community theatre. Little Elvis has never been inside, but we parked near it earlier this summer and I told him about it.

Little Elvis said, "Look, Mommy! The thee-ay-ter!" (His southern accent is very strong.) "What's inside the theater?"

"A stage."

"I want to get on the stage! What will the people say?" (This is Little Elvis' version of why. He never asks why, but he asks me what someone will say about something at least 100 times a day.)

"Since you don't like to sing or dance, I don't know what they will say."

"I will sing and dance up on the stage and everyone will see me. What will you say?"

"I will say 'Yay for Little Elvis."

Isn't that a sweet conversation? It's also very evident that Little Elvis loves attention. I believe this is the source of some of our problems.

Baby Plum sucks his thumb. When he first started sucking his thumb, we would only hear horror stories about 27-year-olds who still suck their thumbs. But not anymore. Now people think it is SO cute. And they go on and on about it, without paying any attention to Little Elvis.

Little Elvis has noticed and will sometimes put his thumb, hand, fingers, or Baby Plum's hands in his mouth. This infuriates me and I fuss at him.

In fact, I feel like all I ever do is fuss at him. We fight at least twice a day over meals. He is extremely picky and most meals are a battle. He also refuses to listen to me and pitches screaming fits the very moment he even thinks I'm going to say 'no' to him.

After putting him in time-out twice at my grandmother's house the other day, I finally just packed us all up to leave. She told me that it was just a stage. I thought about that on the way home.
This is what happened the second we got home.

We stopped his afternoon naps a few months ago since he wouldn't go to sleep until midnight if he had them, and the lack of naps has definitely lead to more fits in the afternoons.

I tried putting him to bed much earlier this week, and he woke up much earlier. Which meant he still had the afternoon tantrums.

He refuses naps now, so I'm thinking that instead of planning things for us to do in the afternoons, I'm going to try to focus on morning activities and let him veg out with PBS for an hour in the afternoons.

Hopefully we'll figure this out and this stage will end pretty soon.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Baby Plum: A one year retrospective

It's taken me a couple of weeks, but Baby Plum's one year picture montage is finally done! Bob said that 6 and a half minutes wasn't excessive.

In honor of our sweet boy, I thought I'd do a list of his favorites and not-so-favorites.

Baby Plum loves:

  • bananas and applesauce -- I'm positive he said banana last week (a-nah-nah.) He shakes his head when I offer him food he doesn't want, but he never shakes his head for bananas and applesauce.
  • He likes to rub some of his banana in his hair for luck.

  • milk and juice -- These are a close second to bananas and applesauce. He's taken to grabbing any cup that he can reach in search of milk or juice. He's sampled orange juice and unsweetened tea and spilled them both.

  • Yay for whole milk! Yay for watered down apple juice!

  • showers -- Baby Plum loves to be dunked in the spray of the shower. This is good since he's such a messy eater. (see pic of banana head)

  • his thumb -- Baby Plum is a thumbsucker. He prefers his left thumb, though he has experimented with his right thumb and the occasional finger.
  • snuggling -- I don't call him Snugglebug for nothing. This little baby likes snuggling. He's very active right now, but still comes back for hugs and snuggles.

  • What could be better than snuggling with Mommy and a warm kitty?

  • musical crib toy -- I don't know the name of this thing, but it is a Godsend. It plays "Twinkle, twinkle little star" while little birdies spin around and it lights up a little scene on the ceiling. Sounds crazy, but this thing works wonders at nap and bedtime.

  • Mozart - We have a toy that plays a Mozart song, and he turns it on whenever he's in the playroom and then plays with all of his favorite toys to the pretty music. He gets very upset when Little Elvis turns this toy off.
  • Baby Plum's songs and cheers -- Both boys have their own songs and cheers written by me. Baby Plum's face lights up whenever I sing or do his cheer. He's started clapping while I sing.
  • Any toy Little Elvis is using.
  • Climbing on anything and everything possible.

Baby Plum dislikes:

  • carrots -- he shakes his head whenever we put these near him. I'm hoping to change that.
  • Little Elvis taking things away from him.
  • naps
  • strangers, or anyone who isn't Mommy, Daddy or Gram. He's getting better about letting Coachpa and Granny hold him.
  • Mommy or Daddy leaving the room without him. I'm talking zero to full-fledged scream with tears in less than a second.
  • doorway jumper and exersaucer - basically anything that corrals him. He knows when we're trying to keep him in one place.

He's a truly sweet little boy. I think he'll be mischievous, there's definitely a glimmer in his eye when he's exploring. I'm also thinking that he will be into balls and sports. He likes to chew on Little Elvis' cars, but other than that he's not too interested. He prefers to pick up and "throw" balls. Actually, he likes to throw most things.

Here's his video. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Two boys, one outfit

Bob and I have already established our dorkitude on this blog, but sometimes I like to point out just how dorky we really are.

For Little Elvis' first birthday, I painted him a birthday suit on a white onesie. It read, "It's my 1st birthday!" He wore it happily, because he was one and didn't realize what we had put on him.

As the second child, Baby Plum has already been through his share of hand-me-downs, and he also didn't get the chance to bypass the homemade birthday suit.

I thought these two pictures were a fun comparison of the brothers: their body positions are similar and they are looking in other directions.

We think they look alike, but not many others see it.

Baby Plum showing off his dimpled legs and super chubby cheeks.
Little Elvis showing off his dimpled legs and super chubby cheeks.

Little Elvis had more teeth by his first birthday, but Baby Plum has more hair.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Party pics!

Baby Plum's first birthday party was a small family affair. He seemed to enjoy it. He got to wear the same birthday suit that Little Elvis wore to his first brithday party.
And he got a homemade teddy bear shaped cake, same as Little Elvis. But Baby Plum's cake had pumpkin in it. I didn't do the cauliflour in the cream cheese frosting, though. That sounded awful.
Baby Plum was suspicious at first.
He seemed to like the cake better than the frosting, which is something he did not inherit from me.
But then he started getting into it.
And more into it.

He ended up eating (crumbling into his high chair) both ears! It was a fun time for all.