Monday, October 11, 2010

Baby Plum: A one year retrospective

It's taken me a couple of weeks, but Baby Plum's one year picture montage is finally done! Bob said that 6 and a half minutes wasn't excessive.

In honor of our sweet boy, I thought I'd do a list of his favorites and not-so-favorites.

Baby Plum loves:

  • bananas and applesauce -- I'm positive he said banana last week (a-nah-nah.) He shakes his head when I offer him food he doesn't want, but he never shakes his head for bananas and applesauce.
  • He likes to rub some of his banana in his hair for luck.

  • milk and juice -- These are a close second to bananas and applesauce. He's taken to grabbing any cup that he can reach in search of milk or juice. He's sampled orange juice and unsweetened tea and spilled them both.

  • Yay for whole milk! Yay for watered down apple juice!

  • showers -- Baby Plum loves to be dunked in the spray of the shower. This is good since he's such a messy eater. (see pic of banana head)

  • his thumb -- Baby Plum is a thumbsucker. He prefers his left thumb, though he has experimented with his right thumb and the occasional finger.
  • snuggling -- I don't call him Snugglebug for nothing. This little baby likes snuggling. He's very active right now, but still comes back for hugs and snuggles.

  • What could be better than snuggling with Mommy and a warm kitty?

  • musical crib toy -- I don't know the name of this thing, but it is a Godsend. It plays "Twinkle, twinkle little star" while little birdies spin around and it lights up a little scene on the ceiling. Sounds crazy, but this thing works wonders at nap and bedtime.

  • Mozart - We have a toy that plays a Mozart song, and he turns it on whenever he's in the playroom and then plays with all of his favorite toys to the pretty music. He gets very upset when Little Elvis turns this toy off.
  • Baby Plum's songs and cheers -- Both boys have their own songs and cheers written by me. Baby Plum's face lights up whenever I sing or do his cheer. He's started clapping while I sing.
  • Any toy Little Elvis is using.
  • Climbing on anything and everything possible.

Baby Plum dislikes:

  • carrots -- he shakes his head whenever we put these near him. I'm hoping to change that.
  • Little Elvis taking things away from him.
  • naps
  • strangers, or anyone who isn't Mommy, Daddy or Gram. He's getting better about letting Coachpa and Granny hold him.
  • Mommy or Daddy leaving the room without him. I'm talking zero to full-fledged scream with tears in less than a second.
  • doorway jumper and exersaucer - basically anything that corrals him. He knows when we're trying to keep him in one place.

He's a truly sweet little boy. I think he'll be mischievous, there's definitely a glimmer in his eye when he's exploring. I'm also thinking that he will be into balls and sports. He likes to chew on Little Elvis' cars, but other than that he's not too interested. He prefers to pick up and "throw" balls. Actually, he likes to throw most things.

Here's his video. Enjoy!


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