Saturday, October 16, 2010

Little Elvis' stage

Little Elvis can be the sweetest little boy. He can, but recently he's been extremely difficult... at least for me.

Still, there are times where he says and does the most interesting things.

Last week, I made a wrong turn on our way to the library. We ended up going a back way, and we went by the local community theatre. Little Elvis has never been inside, but we parked near it earlier this summer and I told him about it.

Little Elvis said, "Look, Mommy! The thee-ay-ter!" (His southern accent is very strong.) "What's inside the theater?"

"A stage."

"I want to get on the stage! What will the people say?" (This is Little Elvis' version of why. He never asks why, but he asks me what someone will say about something at least 100 times a day.)

"Since you don't like to sing or dance, I don't know what they will say."

"I will sing and dance up on the stage and everyone will see me. What will you say?"

"I will say 'Yay for Little Elvis."

Isn't that a sweet conversation? It's also very evident that Little Elvis loves attention. I believe this is the source of some of our problems.

Baby Plum sucks his thumb. When he first started sucking his thumb, we would only hear horror stories about 27-year-olds who still suck their thumbs. But not anymore. Now people think it is SO cute. And they go on and on about it, without paying any attention to Little Elvis.

Little Elvis has noticed and will sometimes put his thumb, hand, fingers, or Baby Plum's hands in his mouth. This infuriates me and I fuss at him.

In fact, I feel like all I ever do is fuss at him. We fight at least twice a day over meals. He is extremely picky and most meals are a battle. He also refuses to listen to me and pitches screaming fits the very moment he even thinks I'm going to say 'no' to him.

After putting him in time-out twice at my grandmother's house the other day, I finally just packed us all up to leave. She told me that it was just a stage. I thought about that on the way home.
This is what happened the second we got home.

We stopped his afternoon naps a few months ago since he wouldn't go to sleep until midnight if he had them, and the lack of naps has definitely lead to more fits in the afternoons.

I tried putting him to bed much earlier this week, and he woke up much earlier. Which meant he still had the afternoon tantrums.

He refuses naps now, so I'm thinking that instead of planning things for us to do in the afternoons, I'm going to try to focus on morning activities and let him veg out with PBS for an hour in the afternoons.

Hopefully we'll figure this out and this stage will end pretty soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like L.E. has gotten his dad's love of performing. I remember Bob at 8 or 9 on stage doing a solo in the school play and loving it.
Grandpa Stew

11:53 PM  

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