Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Cat in the Hat and a cute little doggy, finally!

Bob found the camera cord! It was about where I thought it was and had already looked (with his help!) So I've got another one on the way for the next time I misplace my cord.

Here are our cute little Trick or Treaters:

Baby Plum went as a pug. I told people he was a bulldog, though since that's the mascot of my alma mater. And since this was the only time he allowed the head to be pulled up, people accepted that he was a bulldog.
Here's my little Cat in the Hat posing with the Chick-fil-A cow. He's got a tail made out of one of Bob's dress socks stuffed with pillow fill. This poor child. But I fondly remember all the costumes my mom made me (Boy George was one of her best.)

Although Little Elvis' outfit was the one people complemented and discussed, he was still jealous of Baby Plum's dog outfit. Especially since it did belong to Little Elvis first.
I caved, and squeezed him into it. Some battles are not worth it.
I would not let him sleep in it, though.

But to prove that I'm not all evil, I found a blue clown wig at a local tag sale and bought it for my little fan of Things 1 & 2.
He looks kind of like a disco version of Thing 1, but he loves it. I'll attempt to find another blue one at an after Halloween sale for our little Thing 2.


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That would be so cute for next year!

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