Sunday, November 14, 2010

How 'bout them apples, too?

The brothers have one more thing in common: both are apple thiefs!

Baby Plum LOVES to rifle through bags, and he's learning how to use zippers. He usually opens and pulls everything out of my purse and his diaper bag, but on Friday he found Bob's lunchbox (zippered igloo bag thingy) and managed to open it.

Inside was a very bruised little apple.

He didn't mind the bruises and soft spots one bit. (Look at the little crossed feet!)
"Finders, keepers!"

He crawled all over the dining room and playroom snacking on his apple. And just like his brother, he spit out the peels for me.

Here's a link to Little Elvis' first apple shenanigans. He stole them right out of the fruit bin.