Tuesday, November 02, 2010

So different, yet so similar

These pictures aren't the best evidence (bear with me, it will be a month before my new cord comes in!) but the boys do alike. At least Baby Plum looks like Little Elvis at this age.

Little Elvis at 13 months.
Baby Plum at 11 months.

While the look alike, they are already promising to be very different little boys. Little Elvis is our little social butterfly. He loves to be surrounded by other people and is pretty outgoing. Baby Plum is not. He likes his Mommy, Daddy and Gram. Coachpa is slowly getting back in his good graces. In fact, if someone looks like she is going to take him from our arms, he will start to bawl.
Even if that person just wants to say hi to him.

Little Elvis is also always ready to go, go, go. If he had his way, we would get everywhere at least an hour early. In fact, it would be best if we just left the second he woke up. He doesn't understand the whole concept that places aren't open at 6:30 in the morning.

I'm getting the feeling that Baby Plum will not be that way. I think he will be on his own little time. He's not walking yet, but not because he can't. He can. He just doesn't want to yet. Although he's "nervous" about walking, he has no problem climbing up the steps to Little Elvis' bunk bed and scaring at least 3 years off my life. (He will climb anything, seriously, anything.) Baby Plum takes time to warm up to new things. He wasn't thrilled with solids at first, and didn't want to sit up. He didn't want to crawl. He just takes his time warming up to things I think.

At this point in their lives, it appears that Little Elvis has more of his Daddy's outgoing personality, while Baby Plum will be shy like his Mommy. It will be fun to see how they switch, or even if they don't.


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