Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby Plum starts to ham it up

He likes to squinchy face just like his older brother did. Little Elvis will squinchy now, and it's really cute.
Big, happy grinning boy. Today, a woman commented on Baby Plum's happy disposition, and it made me happy. He's a very happy baby, (even with an ear infection) but he's not very happy when strangers get too close. He pops in his thumb and gives them his don't-even-think-about-picking-me-up look.
And look who's holding him? He's made up with Coachpa, and Coachpa couldn't be happier.


Blogger Donna, said...

Lil' K (26 months) still doesn't like strangers. I'm hoping she gets over that sooner rather than later. I feel badly when she reacts negatively toward friends - and even family members she doesn't see often.

Have a Merry Christmas! Aloha!

3:24 AM  

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