Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is always a fun, wonderful time of year. But with two little ones, it's lots more magical. It was a lot of fun this year (minus the constant, "For Christmas, I want... everything!")

A few days before Christmas we went to a light display. Little Elvis' favorite character in the HUGE display was Buzz Lightyear. There was also a Cat in the Hat display, but it was in the driving part and I couldn't get a picture of it. Those two were the best, in his opinion.
Sweet Baby Plum was very patient with the very bumpy, cold ride. He refuses to wear mittens, because he can't suck his thumb.
We started opening presents on Christmas Eve. This is Little Elvis at my parents' house. He had the best time opening all of his gifts. Some of his favorites -- a Thomas the train toothbrush and fancy toothpaste and all sorts of cool games. We've been "playing" them during Baby Plum's naptime. Incidentally, Little Elvis thinks Baby Plum should nap just about all of the time now.
We had a white Christmas here in Mississippi! (And I didn't take pictures.) We also had a power outage. So, shortly after seeing all of Santa's goodies, we headed back to my parents. Little Elvis got a Buzz Lightyear costume to go with his Spanish speaking Buzz Lightyear (he saved his quarters to buy that Buzz a couple of weeks before Christmas.)
Santa also brought him a Slinky Dog, which you can see him hugging in this picture. Buzz and Slinky Dog go everywhere with us. We are an even noisier bunch these days. Santa had to turn to eBay to find Slinky. He also brought Toy Story and Toy Story 2 DVDs. Santa attempted to buy those on eBay and ended up with pirated DVDs. Yeah, Santa decided to pay more at Wal-Mart and pay more attention when ordering online. Silly Santa.
Baby Plum got LOTS of sippies from Santa. Mainly because Santa knew what he was getting from others. Like this cool drum set, and a super cute musical mailbox that both boys fight over.
And this cool tent with a detachable tunnel. All of our small ones love this toy (cats included.)
Here they are posing for Thank you card pictures. Little Elvis got a Buzz Lightyear stuffed toy and Baby Plum got a cute little microphone that plays music and records his voice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay for a white Christmas! Looks like both the boys had a blast with all their new gifts!

10:56 PM  
Blogger mpotter said...

So glad it was fun! That last pic of the 2 of them is fantastic!!

and what a great idea--- pix in the thank you cards. (which, by the way- it's great to hear someone else do those, too.)

7:12 AM  

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