Saturday, December 04, 2010

Strong of body, mind and spirit

Little Elvis is quite the handful. I assume most 3 1/2, almost 4-year-olds are.

He's back into playing in our cars. The weather's been fairly mild, and it's such an easy way to entertain him that I let him go at it. And since the keys aren't in the ignition, I don't worry about anything happening.

The week of Thanksgiving, I let Little Elvis play in the car while I put the groceries in the house and ran back outside to head to our next destination. In the time that it took me to put the milk in the fridge, he managed to break my rearview mirror off the windshield, and take some of the glass off as well.

I came outside and he looked very upset and was crying. I didn't feel that I should get onto him since I never told him not to pull that mirror off the windshield. Luckily, it was a pretty easy fix. But the AutoZone guys were surprised that he managed to pull some of the glass off with the mirror.

He must be stronger than he looks.

He's also VERY strong-willed. Wow, is he strong-willed. He wants his way and when he even thinks that I will say no, he starts with the fits. It's been rough around here recently, and I've been bad. His fits can get pretty rough and I've yelled at him when I know I shouldn't.

We've instituted a new kind of allowance thing with him. He gets a quarter every day that he's good (no fits, at least tries the food we offer him, etc.) Once he gets 15 quarters, he can buy the Spanish-speaking Buzz Lightyear that he is obsessed with. He actually has more than enough money in his piggy bank to buy the toy outright, (Gram and Coachpa have been sticking $5 bills in his piggy bank.) but he needs to learn to control himself. We've been at this for a few weeks now and he's got 10 quarters so far. Two of those were gimmes from Gram. I'm not sure that he will get Buzz before Christmas.

Enough with the negatives. Little Elvis is also extremely smart. We are his parents, and we are biased. But he's constantly shocking us with his memory and the things he knows. He can read some words -- Thank you, none, menu, video, God, welcome, enter, exit, and, men's, women's, restroom, off, on, Mommy, Daddy, etc.

He does have some books memorized, but he recognizes these words whenever and wherever he sees them. His preschool teacher and speech therapist have also noticed this.

My mom has decided to start trying to teach him to read. I kind of feel like he's too young, but he seems genuinely interested.

And our little music-issue-riddled child now LOVES to sing! He knows and can sing the alphabet song, Jesus loves me, and Happy Birthday (the former bane of his existence.)

We went to visit my grandfather at the nursing home yesterday and Little Elvis sang "Jesus Loves Me" to everyone there... twice! He's got a sweet, pretty voice.

Baby Plum applauds at the end of every tune. I will get video.


Blogger mpotter said...

ohmigosh don'tcha just love the singing??
i'm glad he's gotten back into music.

and that whole beginning 2 paragraphs--- i KNOW! yes. yelling at your kid isn't fun.
we've all been there (too many times to admit). but i know that doesn't make it better.

and people keep telling me that 3 is as bad/worse than 2. well LB just figured out recently that she's 2.... and someone PLEASE tell her she's not!

good luck!
(and FWIW, i'm currently reading 6 points of raising a happy healthy kid by john rosemond. i'm liking it so far....)

8:49 PM  

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