Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Big boys

Our boys are growing. While looking at the Christmas pictures, I was shocked at how big Little Elvis looked. He's not so little any more.

He's so funny, too. Every night before bedtime, I have to tell him about the adventures of Super Dog. Super Dog is Little Elvis' alter ego. He's a lot like Underdog, but his name is Super Dog. His favorite thing to do is to fly into Pet Smart and swim with the goldfish in the fish tanks. He wants me to tell him this story, but he gets so excited and jumps in, and ends up telling most of the story himself.

Little Elvis (or Super Dog) also must be a burgeoning screenwriter, because he is obsessed with dialogue. Everytime ANYTHING happens, he wants to know what he/she is saying or said. Telling stories and reading books takes forever now, because we need to know what everyone is saying about everything.

Baby Plum is still pretty shy around strangers, but he's opening up to others a little more. He's also at the stage where he loves to bring me things. He brings me books, random stuff he finds on the floor, stuff he pulls out of his mouth. He's gone back a little bit on the walking, but he's getting there.
While they are both getting bigger, neither really wants to. Baby Plum doesn't like to feed himself meals. I can't put chicken pieces down for him, but he'll happy shovel in sweets. At lunch today, he fussed until my mom held his milk cup for him. Grandma's are great, because Mommy wasn't going to do that.

Little Elvis constantly talks about the things he did when he was a baby, and the things he'll do when he becomes a baby again.


Blogger mpotter said...

i was already enjoying the post, because it's been ages since i've been here.
but the last line really cracked me up.

i still like elvis' hair!

wish they wouldn't grow, man!

6:41 PM  
Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Great photo of the two together!

7:36 PM  

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