Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dress up

We went to bedtime story at our local library last week. Little Elvis went dressed as Buzz Lightyear. But he had to cover up his costume with his coat, which meant he couldn't press his buttons. Since he had to bundle up, so did toy Buzz and Slinky Dog.
Buzz is wearing a striped toboggan, and Slinky Dog is bundled up in a scarf. It was lots of fun keeping up with all of them at the library.
And Baby Plum, my baby who shunned hats, has become a toddler who loves to put them on his head. Here he's wearing Little Elvis' construction hat. Little Elvis had a friend over, and wore his Buzz costume with the construction hat in honor of the occasion. Little Elvis introduced himself as Buzz the Builder. (He came up with that on his own, and I was very proud.)


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