Monday, January 31, 2011

Is it an alpha mom, or just me?

At the beginning of the school year I signed up to host the Valentine's Party at Little Elvis' preschool. It's right after his birthday and I figured I'd already be baking a lot, so why not? (No sarcasm there, I really do like to schedule things all at once.)

Two other moms are also hosts. We've exchanged emails. Mom 1 wrote that she had gotten plates, cups, napkins and some things for the goodie bags. I responded that I would make cupcakes and that I had gotten some little red plastic cups (reusable) that I would write their names on. These could be used as goodie bags. The other mom offered to get the drinks and something salty. This sounded like a good division of labor to me.

The next evening when I checked my email, I had a not too happy email from mom 1. How big were my cups! She had already gotten goodie bags! (She didn't write that in her first email, and I assumed stuff for goodie bags meant stuff to go IN goodie bags. Silly me.) I responded that the cups were 4 inches tall and if they were too big, we could just put them alongside the goodie bags. Problem solved.

Two days later I get another email. Mom 1 wrote that her bags were small, so SHE went out and bought cups to use as goodie bags.

Yeah. This seemed like a challenge. One I accepted. By calling in the big guns -- my aunt with the perfect handwriting.

She wrote the names in white and then added little gold dots. I'm sure they'll eventually wash off in the dishwasher, but they are so cute right now. She even did some extras for Little Elvis' birthday party.

Do you think Mom 1 will bring cupcakes to the party, too? I hope not, because the ones I'm making should be really cute.

Although I'm apparently not playing nicely with the other mommies, my boys are starting to play nicely with each other.
My flash got rid of the shadow, but they were both sitting inside this little tunnel giggling and playing.
Once Baby Plum got out of the tunnel, Little Elvis stood it up and did his impression of those crazy armed men at car dealerships.


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Blogger lisa said...

I don't understand why she would buy cups? At our first party, a grandmother had signed up for cupcakes but brought giftbags and something else too. There were only six things to sign up for, and I didn't understand why she had basically done half the list. Plus, I had signed up for giftbags. That was the only time though. Who knows, but I hope it goes well!

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