Thursday, January 27, 2011

Maybe we should call him Baby Pear?

Baby Plum continues "stealing" fruit from our fruit bin. It's one of those funny, odd traits he shares with Little Elvis.
Since he was tired of apples and had no patience for me to peel the oranges, he grabbed a pear. A fruit that I had offered him the day before with no luck.
He was a fan this time, though.
I followed him around the house and he nibbled and toddled.
It was fun for both of us.
Silly Mommy.
Cute baby.
Here he's putting it on the coffee table. The coffee table we had to remove the drawers from, because he figured out how to pull them out and use them to climb on top of the table.
Who, me? Steal fruit and climb on tables? Never! He did a great job with the pear, but his interest faded when he had about a quarter of it left. Instead he toddled around the house and spit out chewed up bits of pear until I took it out of his sticky little hands.


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