Thursday, January 20, 2011

Way to go Santa's Reindeer!

Christmas morning didn't exactly go as planned at our house. We woke up to a very cold, dark house. We had a white Christmas, and our tree-filled neighborhood experienced a power outage.

Little Elvis saw his DVDs, Buzz costume and Slinky Dog, and Baby Plum saw his sippies, but neither could see the trampoline, which was covered in snow in our backyard. We have video of us trying to show Little Elvis the trampoline through the window, but it was so cold in the house that the lens was foggy and it's nothing but a blur.

I was worried that our big present was a bust. But then it warmed up and the snow melted.

In this, you will hear Little Elvis tell us who 'maked' the trampoline and ask what should be his trademark question, "What will everybody say?" He also tells us that Baby Plum is tired and needs a nap. He's starting to tell us this a lot.

You will also hear the incredibly cute giggle of Baby Plum. He is such a happy little guy and thinks his big brother is the funniest person ever. They complement each other fairly well. Little Elvis likes to sing, and Baby Plum usually applauds at the end of each song.

I finally downloaded a good bit of video, and have plans of doing some actual editing and making a Baby Plum music video. It's about time!


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

"I'm going to bounce you down" has to be among my all time favorites!

10:30 AM  

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