Monday, January 24, 2011

What a difference a month makes...

Or, more like a month and a half to two.

This is Baby Plum at the beginning of December. He was enjoying a cinnamon biscuit at Hardees.
This is Baby Plum last Saturday. Look at that hair! It's really growing! Little Elvis' hair didn't start coming in until he was 18 months. Although they looked a whole lot alike as babies, they don't at this age. The hair (or lack of it) is the biggest difference.

Not only did Baby Plum sprout a whole bunch of hair, he also started walking (yay!) and is becoming a little more outgoing... at least some of the time!

He's also becoming a bigger fan of Little Elvis.Here is a shot of the brothers (with me.) Bob and I think they look alike, but we may be the only ones who see it.