Sunday, February 27, 2011

Breakfast of champions

Baby Plum starts his days the same way, almost every day.

He enjoys a banana. Bananas are his absolute favorite food. He's tall enough to steal them out of the fruit basket now and will chew them through the peel if I don't get there in time.
And if we happen to run out of bananas? It's a really, really bad thing. His screams are awful, and it's hard to find something to pacify him.

If someone happens to start eating a banana around him, that person is expected to share. If he sees a banana on the counter at someone else's house, he will have it.

I got us some bananas at the grocery store this weekend. They were the first thing I put in the basket, and I had to keep his chubby little fingers out of the bag for the entire trip. He was rewarded for his patience as soon as we got to the car.

I had a Mr. Banana superhero when I was little. It was a stuffed banana with a string. I wonder if he would like that?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hot fun in February!

It's hard to believe it's February! The weather's been in the 60s and 70s for about a week. On Saturday, it was so pretty!
The boys have been enjoying all the time on the trampoline (so have Bob and I!) I've missed seeing Baby Plum's chubby little legs.
Look how big Little Elvis looks!
And I just thought this picture was super-cute. Baby Plum likes to get on and off of the trampoline. A lot. Here, he was requesting a dismount.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Life with a toddler

Baby Plum is busy! Wow is he busy. I spend most of the day pulling him out of messes. It's funny the things that captivate him right now.
He was stuck in the bathroom while I took a shower the other day. I opened the curtain to discover the floor covered in toilet paper. He pulled it off in strips, so I re-rolled what I could and bundled up the rest on the floor.
While I did that, he made his way to the kitchen to empty the contents of a drawer all over the floor. He also attempted to get pots out.
While I put those things back in the drawer (without washing, which is probably why we all have colds right now...) he went into the living room and pulled the framed pictures off the bookshelf. He usually puts them on the coffee table, but moved my mom's graduation picture to the floor. It's a whole lot easier for him to look at it in that location I guess.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh, Little Elvis!

My sweet, sweet Little Elvis. Four is supposed to be easier and we have moments, even almost whole days of sweetness. But the non-sweet moments can be especially tart and sour, and most of the time they catch me completely off-guard.

But, then there are the in-between moments. Where you're being kind of sweet and kind of sour, and all sorts of funny. To most people. I am the straight man to your silliness. I take a good bit of verbal abuse.

Here, you didn't know how to smile, and you were pretty mad at me for letting you go four whole years without teaching you how to smile. How could I do such a thing?

You've been obsessed with my appearance recently. You cried at me the other day, because you were so upset by the fact that I would get older. You pleaded with me to stop and tried to make me promise not to ever get older. When you kept bringing it up, day after day, I promised. You are finding out that I can be worn down.

You used to compliment me and tell me I look pretty when I wear make-up, but that has changed. You looked at our wedding picture the other day and told Daddy he looked the same, but told me that I looked "... different." You couldn't put that different into words, but you wanted to make sure that I knew that I looked different. You followed that up by asking me if I was wearing make-up right then. I was not. You informed me that I needed to wear make-up tomorrow. Such a sweet, sweet little boy.

Couple that with your new need to constantly shoot my face off, and then ask what I will say. When I reply that I can't say anything if you shoot my face off (I get beligerant when parts of my body are shot off) you just keep on asking until I say something. "Ow." "Oh no!" and "Don't shoot my face off!" are your favorite replies.

Maybe I should start wearing make-up more often?
Here you are, still trying to figure out how to smile with Jessie and Rex. You got some money for your birthday and wanted to buy Jessie and Rex. I attempted to explain that I could get them cheaper online and you could get more for your money, but would have to wait. It didn't really make sense, so we headed to Wal-Mart. I tried to make sure that everyone knew we were using your birthday money and I wasn't just buying you two very overpriced dolls for Valentine's Day.
While I thought they were a little too pricey, you loved them. You loved going to the store, picking them out and then not very patiently waiting while Gram and I struggled to get them out of their packaging.
Yes, we overpaid, but you didn't think so. You only wanted those two things, so spending all of your money on them made complete sense.This is my favorite shot of you from our last photo shoot. The lighting works and you look very intent. No smiles needed.
Hopefully, I will be able to teach you how to smile again (because you have a beautiful smile) before our real picture session tomorrow afternoon.
You really are a sweet, sweet little boy. Even if you do seem to enjoy insulting me. I'll need to build up a tougher skin for when you're a teenager anyway.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Very random musical prediction

Baby Plum loves music -- just about any type. We have yet to find a style or instrument that he doesn't like. He also loves to boogie to the beat. It's a big difference from Little Elvis, who didn't even let us sing "Happy Birthday to You" at his 2nd or 3rd birthday parties.
Here Baby Plum is helping his Daddy play a song on the guitar.
He was so intent on the pegs, but I couldn't get a great shot of that.

When we found out Baby Plum was a boy, several people commented that we were starting our own baseball team. While that would have made Bob happy, having a family band would make him ecstatic.

At this point in their lives, it looks like that might pan out. Little Elvis -- our little church soloist -- would truly enjoy being a front man, and Baby Plum -- our current shy music lover -- would be very happy playing the drums or the piano (his current favorites.) Bob could play the guitar, and I guess I would make the costumes.

It will be interesting to see if this very random prediction pans out.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SOOO cute

A couple of weeks ago Bob performed at a local kids' place. He was the featured performer, and it was his first real performance since we moved here.

He did a great job!
And Little Elvis even joined him in front of everyone at the end of the performance. It's an audience precipitation (yeah, I meant to type it that way. It's intended as a pun for the adults) number. Little Elvis stood up by his Daddy, and stepped to the side and clapped. I've never seen him do that dance step before and it was SOOO cute.
Speaking of SOOOO cute, Baby Plum is just as adorable as his big brother. Here he is climbing the stairs at my parents and peaking through the "jailbars."

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My boys

The boys are getting to a fun stage. They are playing together some.
And not just duets on the piano! Their favorite game is chase. Baby Plum seems to understand this game and they both giggle while playing it.
They also like to play "Pillow Parade." It's become a part of the pillow party. Each of the pillows and stuffed animals has to be marched to the party destination. Baby Plum gets this just fine. He loves being thrown on the pile of pillows at the end, too.
Here they are fighting over Daddy's lap. Baby Plum has decided that Little Elvis should not sit on a lap alone. He even gets jealous of my lap, which is saying something.
Finally, here they are watching the first snowflakes falling on Wednesday afternoon.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The big 4!

Little Elvis turned 4 on Friday! And he had his big birthday bash on Saturday. Needless to say, there's been a lot of celebrating! Baby Plum and I took cupcakes to pre-school on Friday. I asked Little Elvis if he wanted Baby Plum to come and he said he did. Baby Plum was a hit! I figured the girls would be excited, but the boys were even more interested in him.
He LOVES his teacher and it was so fun to be there for part of the class. She is so great with them and they all adore her. It's a wonderful environment, and we know he's learning a lot.
My parents took us to McDonald's for lunch. Little Elvis told a guy that was cleaning up that he wanted to work at McDonald's when he grew up and that it was his birthday. (Is it obvious that he's not shy?) The guy told his manager and she brought him 3 balloons tied to an apple pie! It pays to be gregarious. Mommy tried to hide from the camera. I had a mouthful of cupcake and was trying to hide the icing mess.
Doesn't Baby Plum look angelic? He enjoyed Little Elvis' birthday, too.
Grandpa Stew and Grandma Shan sent him a cowboy outfit for his birthday. It was a hit. I told him to touch his hat, and he knew what I meant.
Here are the super cool Buzz Lightyear wings that Mommy and Daddy got him. They came with an inflatable spaceship, too. He said it was the best birthday present ever.
Here's a shot from his costume themed birthday party. This was one that didn't show any faces other than Little Elvis' and Baby Plum. Iron Man came, two Tinkerbells came and one Batman. The Tinkerbell in the picture is Little Elvis' sweetheart from pre-school last year. She apparently carried a torch as well. It's pretty sweet.

The party went really well. We were so proud of both boys and I think everybody had a great time!

The capes were more of a hit with the parents, but Baby Plum kept his on and looked ADORABLE in it.

The next post will highlight some more of his supercool presents, and maybe I can get myself together and do a video. Maybe...

Monday, February 07, 2011

It's party time!

Little Elvis will be a big 4-year-old on Friday! I'm bringing cupcakes to his pre-school class that morning, and his big birthday party will be on Saturday.

It will be THE party of the new decade. If you aren't invited, you might as well just crawl into a hole and hope for better luck next year.

Ok, I'm being a little sarcastic. Just a little though.

This year Little Elvis picked four friends to invite -- 2 girls and 2 boys. One of the girls was his sweetheart last year. They aren't in the same class this year, but he wanted to invite her. Her mother said she was beyond thrilled and still talks about him.

"Mekka lekka hi, mekka hiney ho..."

The "theme" for the party has 4 parts.

4 years old, 4 friends, 4 parts... there's a pattern here.

Here's he's practicing for his party by throwing a pillow party on our bed.

1. Toy Story - The invitations had a picture of Buzz Lightyear on them. We wrote "to infinity and a birthday party" on them.

2. Costume - We also wrote, "Costumes are welcome" on the invitations. Little Elvis will be dressed as Buzz for his party, and we thought the others might like to dress up as well. (The mother of his sweetheart said they might try to dress her as Jessie!)

3. Robots - I found a robot cake mix on sale at the grocery store. Little Elvis is so excited about this cake. Oh, how I hope I can recreate the picture on the box. We've also put several robot songs on his playlist. (Intergalactic, Robot Parade, Somebody bring me a flower, I'm a robot.)

4. Superhero - When not being Buzz, Little Elvis still likes to tap into his alterego, "SuperDog." So, I made him a cape with SuperDog on it, and made some for his friends as well.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

House of sickies

Little Elvis' sickness last Sunday hit each and every one of us last week. And Baby Plum got it again this evening. He is so sweet about it, though. Keeps on smiling and gurgling.

Doesn't he look cute in his little overalls?
This is the brothers at nursery at church. Isn't the ark cool? Baby Plum adores it.
Little Elvis got sick about 2 hours after this picture was taken. Something about Sundays and sickness around our house. I'm hoping that it ends with Baby Plum this evening since I have a week of cleaning and cooking in preps for Little Elvis' birthday celebrations!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

What Little Elvis earned

He's been saving his quarters to buy Woody. He finally got him last night, and he was thrilled!
We also pulled out his Woody pj's that Lisa found at her Wal-Mart. They were supposed to be for his birthday (in 10 days!) but I brought them out early. Why? I thought he'd like to dress like his new toy, and didn't want him pitching a fit to wear the pajamas at his birthday party.
Here he is hugging his doll. We found an under the stars Woody on Amazon. He came with a sleeping bag and little lantern. Little Elvis loves them!