Saturday, February 12, 2011

The big 4!

Little Elvis turned 4 on Friday! And he had his big birthday bash on Saturday. Needless to say, there's been a lot of celebrating! Baby Plum and I took cupcakes to pre-school on Friday. I asked Little Elvis if he wanted Baby Plum to come and he said he did. Baby Plum was a hit! I figured the girls would be excited, but the boys were even more interested in him.
He LOVES his teacher and it was so fun to be there for part of the class. She is so great with them and they all adore her. It's a wonderful environment, and we know he's learning a lot.
My parents took us to McDonald's for lunch. Little Elvis told a guy that was cleaning up that he wanted to work at McDonald's when he grew up and that it was his birthday. (Is it obvious that he's not shy?) The guy told his manager and she brought him 3 balloons tied to an apple pie! It pays to be gregarious. Mommy tried to hide from the camera. I had a mouthful of cupcake and was trying to hide the icing mess.
Doesn't Baby Plum look angelic? He enjoyed Little Elvis' birthday, too.
Grandpa Stew and Grandma Shan sent him a cowboy outfit for his birthday. It was a hit. I told him to touch his hat, and he knew what I meant.
Here are the super cool Buzz Lightyear wings that Mommy and Daddy got him. They came with an inflatable spaceship, too. He said it was the best birthday present ever.
Here's a shot from his costume themed birthday party. This was one that didn't show any faces other than Little Elvis' and Baby Plum. Iron Man came, two Tinkerbells came and one Batman. The Tinkerbell in the picture is Little Elvis' sweetheart from pre-school last year. She apparently carried a torch as well. It's pretty sweet.

The party went really well. We were so proud of both boys and I think everybody had a great time!

The capes were more of a hit with the parents, but Baby Plum kept his on and looked ADORABLE in it.

The next post will highlight some more of his supercool presents, and maybe I can get myself together and do a video. Maybe...


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I love the photos! Especially the cowboy and his horse.

10:46 PM  
Blogger mpotter said...

happy birthday, little one!
wow. i've been following him for YEARS.

glad y'all had such a great time. seems like so much fun for him to be very "involved" in his own party now.


7:02 PM  

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