Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Life with a toddler

Baby Plum is busy! Wow is he busy. I spend most of the day pulling him out of messes. It's funny the things that captivate him right now.
He was stuck in the bathroom while I took a shower the other day. I opened the curtain to discover the floor covered in toilet paper. He pulled it off in strips, so I re-rolled what I could and bundled up the rest on the floor.
While I did that, he made his way to the kitchen to empty the contents of a drawer all over the floor. He also attempted to get pots out.
While I put those things back in the drawer (without washing, which is probably why we all have colds right now...) he went into the living room and pulled the framed pictures off the bookshelf. He usually puts them on the coffee table, but moved my mom's graduation picture to the floor. It's a whole lot easier for him to look at it in that location I guess.


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