Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sharing the spotlight

It's interesting how the boys' interests are diverging. I guess the better way to say that is that it's interesting how Baby Plum is following different paths from Little Elvis.

I always hear how different siblings can be and just finished reading a book on birth order. So, this is not really a surprise.

But it's interesting. Especially in the ways they are diverging and not diverging.

Baby Plum still adores music. In fact, he seems to like it more every day. He's almost 18 months old. This was the age when Little Elvis began bawling whenever someone sang "Happy Birthday" and whenever songs stopped on the radio. (So glad that's over.)

On Saturday night, we joined several other family members at my grandmother's house. The boys were the only kids there. Little Elvis sang his church solo, and then Baby Plum began a little impromptu dance performance for everyone. The more applause he got, the more steps he broke out -- which was surprising for the baby that I thought was shy.

He bounced, clapped, raised the roof, did twinkle hands, twisted, spun in a circle, and tried to tap his foot to the beat. This child is already a better dancer than I am.

Little Elvis was not a dancer as a baby. He never bounced, or clapped to the beat. Most likely because of his sensory issues with music.

While Little Elvis was not a fan of music at 18 months, he does like music now. At least, he usually does. He gets frustrated when Baby Plum turns on all of his musical toys at the same time, or plays one continuously. Little Elvis has been known to turn off the musical toys while Baby Plum is still playing with them.

I guess he thinks Baby Plums screams are better than another round of "The Wheels on the Bus." It's understandable.


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