Thursday, March 24, 2011

Superdog is here!

I know lots of little boys are into superheroes. They like Spiderman or Batman. Little Elvis likes Superdog.

Who is Superdog? He's a character Little Elvis created that's heavily based on UnderDog. He flies and likes to swim with the fishes at PetSmart. Superdog has lots of favorite songs. "Low Rider" used to be Superdog's song. I think it might be "Get Off of my Cloud" at the moment.

I made Little Elvis a cape for his birthday and last weekend, Bob made him a t-shirt. He loves them both. So much that he actually smiled for the camera. (See sweet Baby Plum in the corner? He doesn't have a t-shirt yet. I'll need to find him a plain one.)
This is the best shot I could get of the back of his cape. The material was leftover from a shirt that I made for Bob last year. Little Elvis is trying to help Wally in this picture. Why?
Because Wally was wearing a shirt and not sure what to do about it. Little Elvis wanted us to make shirts for Wally and Slappy, too. We told him they wouldn't like superhero shirts. He wouldn't listen, so I put Baby Plum's nightshirt on Wally. Big mistake. Wally's our lazy, go with the flow cat. He just wandered around waiting for one of us to de-shirt him.

We put the shirt on Slappy as well, and got a much more cat-like reaction. She ran out of it immediately.

Little Elvis wants the cats to be Superdog's sidekicks, just in case you were wondering why they needed shirts.

When we shake hands at church, Little Elvis has been saying, "Superdog, at your service." He'll also say, "There's no need to fear, Superdog is here."


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I love the cape! So cool.

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