Saturday, April 30, 2011


Little Elvis had show-and-tell again this week. For the first one, he took his SuperDog cape. He took his Buzz Lightyear costume for the second. This week, he wanted to bring his kitties. I wasn't about to lug 2 unhappy cats (traveling in a cat carrier is not their idea of a fun time)and very active toddler up to pre-school, so we snapped some photos instead.My command was to sit behind Wally and smile while I threw Slappy into the picture and snapped the photo as quickly as I could.

It turned out alright. I also took a photo of him with Wally and chased Slappy for a solo one.

Since I had to pick him up early for an appointment, I got to witness show-and-tell.

He was so excited, and told his teacher that their names were Slappy and Wally. He tried to explain that Slappy ran off for the pictures, but his teacher thought that meant she ran off outside. He decided to embellish on that, and told her that Slappy liked to run away to New York City (his new favorite location.)

His teacher said she always loved his show-and-tells.

Little Elvis' selection of the cats for show-and-tell was so weird. He typically could care less about the cats. But he was adament, so I went with it. (But only after attempting to suggest that he talk about Baby Plum, because we were going to be there anyway. It's probably for the best that he didn't show off his baby brother.)

We left early for an appointment with an occupational therapist. He has issues with fine motor skills (handwriting and cutting.)

This assessment did not go well. I felt completely attacked, and am still trying to digest my feelings on what she had to say after "observing" my son for maybe 15 minutes. She had read some info from his speech therapist and came into the session with a very biased opinion. Very biased. I am going back and forth between hurt and anger over it.

I have a friend that I really trust at my church that I want to discuss this with, and I still want to process everything before I make any real decisions.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

While my elbow gently weeps

No pics again. I've been bad with the camera this week. The boys have been cute, but I haven't been in the best mood.

Yesterday, while most of our town was worried about tornadoes in the morning, Baby Plum and I were inside an interior patient room in the sturdy MedServe on the other end of town. (Little Elvis was in pre-school, and it had a basement so I wasn't worried about him.)

Why were we there? On Friday, I decided to pull out a vine in a bed of overgrown ivy. There's all sorts of stuff in this bed that the ivy took over years ago. And there's poison ivy in there. Bob and I have both gotten it at different times.

But I don't guess I saw the three leaves. Anyway, on Saturday my elbow started breaking out. By Sunday the blisters were huge and slowly weeping. By Monday, the blisters were smaller and the weeping became constant. It wept all day on Tuesday, and I was fed up by Wednesday morning.

It didn't look like poison ivy. It was an open wound that constantly oozed. I couldn't put anything on it, and when I tried to cover it up, my arm became feverish and swollen.

On Wednesday morning, I headed to the pharmacy to see if they had suggestions. They took one look at the mess on my arm and sent me to MedServe.

And once there, we waited and waited and waited. At first I wasn't happy. A toddler in a non-pediatrician patient room for more than an hour? Not fun. But when I realized that areas north were under tornado warnings, I was happy that we were there and safe, even if my confined baby wouldn't leave the door alone.

The doctor and nurses were nice and clucked appropriately over my arm (I like sympathy when I'm itchy and swollen.) And Baby Plum was very easy to control when strangers were in the room with us.

Anyway, once we were out of the patient room, they let us stay until the rain calmed down.

The doctor said it should stop weeping in 3-4 days and then I could put cream on it.

I'm staying out of that flower bed and two others until the rest of the poison is gone. Guess that's one problem of moving into an older house with established and overrun beds.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Super bad weather

It's been a scary week in our area of the nation. Lots of tornadoes and thunderstorms.

The poor meteorologist spent most of the afternoon on the air, and I'm fairly certain the morning guy did as well.

We've been trying to find out information about casualties and general destruction, but aren't getting too far. The stations in this area are much smaller than the ones we worked for, and we were always way understaffed during crazy weather events. I understand their problem, but I really want to know.

Bob saw one of his former students, and she told him that an entire town is gone. It is. An entire town. I can't even imagine.

Thanks to Bob's background in meteorology, I felt fairly safe. He let us know when we needed to head for our "hide and seek place" -- that's what I told Little Elvis it was. The boys and I spent several minutes in Little Elvis' closet. I put pillows down, and brought some Easter snacks.

They were bored, and covered in chocolate after 3 minutes. Little Elvis wanted to see the tornado, and Baby Plum (who hates any sort of confinement) just wanted out. Luckily, the tornadoes went south of our area.

My heart and prayers go out to all the families that are hurting.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little Elvis, big brother

The brotherly dynamic in our house is ever-changing and very interesting. Baby Plum usually adores his big brother, follows him around and tries to do everything that Little Elvis does.

But there are times when Baby Plum gets mad. He will push Little Elvis in the face for getting too close. Baby Plum also screeches if Little Elvis crawls into my lap to listen to a book.

The face-pushing is kind of funny (to everyone, including Little Elvis) and we let it happen, because Little Elvis still has a habit of getting too close to others. We're hoping Baby Plum can convince him that it's not a cool practice.

Yesterday we went to our final birthday party in our month of birthday parties -- 6 total. It was at a day school, and Little Elvis and Baby Plum were the only non-classmates. They both behaved well, and had a blast in the bouncy house.

But the other kids weren't used to smaller babies. The girls kept trying to pick up Baby Plum and "protect" him. Baby Plum's pretty busy and didn't let that keep him down.

On one instance, I was talking to Little Elvis while Baby Plum wandered the gym, following 2 other little boys. The boys started pulling Baby Plum's shirt and knocking him off balance. I assumed they didn't realize that he's not surefooted, and hated to be crazy mom. So, I asked Little Elvis to save Baby Plum.

Little Elvis rushed over, wrapped his brother in a big hug and helped him sit down. I walked over and said not to pull on the baby's shirt. The boys ran off to do something else, and Little Elvis ran back to the bouncy house.

I was proud of him. The whole kids not knowing how to play with toddlers is a common problem. Little Elvis handled it well. I'll have to learn from him.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter fun!

Easter pics in reverse. Here are the boys on Easter Day. Little Elvis wore a seersucker jacket and "real" khakis (no cargo pockets,) while Baby Plum wore a sailor suit with matching saddle oxfords. Both were dapper, but not thrilled with posing for pictures. There was too much candy to be eaten.

Riding home after an Easter Egg hunt.
I was not too bright and put Little Elvis' basket of eggs between the boys for the drive home. Baby Plum dug in, opened an egg and made a mess of the melted chocolate.
It was everywhere, and I still need to do more scrubbing of the car seat.
Baby Plum hunting in a clean dressy outfit.
Once he got the hang of it, he had a blast.
Little Elvis racking up the eggs.
He got a painted bunny face and an egg tattoo.
We colored eggs, and he had a lot of fun.

Easter was a lot of fun this year.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Pixie dust

At the Pirates and Pixies party last week, Little Elvis got a jar of pixie dust in his goody bag. He was so excited and couldn't wait until we got home, so he could put some on and fly.

As soon as I stopped the car, he jumped out. I was busy unbuckling Baby Plum, and was surprised when he ran up to me with a head full of gold glitter. Can you see all of it?
Closer shot.

Poor baby was heart broken that he couldn't fly. He really thought he could fly like SuperDog. But he handled it well, considering.

So, my house is littered with glitter. Baby Plum had random pieces on his bottom and back before his bath last night (Thursday night and the party was Saturday.) That stuff doesn't vacuum.

I believe that the mom that passed out the pixie dust and I are now even. She apparently had her daughter convinced that Play Doh was a church toy, until her daughter came to Little Elvis' birthday party and left with a small can of the stuff. Oh well.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shoe-on-hand disease

Baby Plum has contracted the little-known shoe-on-hand disease.
He catches it several times a week, and lucky for me, it's easy to cure. Although, I haven't taken the time to sniff the hand once the shoe has been removed.
Here he is with Daddy's shoe. Daddy's clothes and shoes are favorites of Baby Plum's. When I'm folding laundry, he usually grabs one of his Daddy's shirts and starts running through the house with it. It's cute, until he trips in it and busts his lip. (Only happened once.)
I'm closing with another cute picture of his squinchy face. He's such a happy boy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ready for their close-ups?

I attended a seminar last week about photography. I didn't pay any attention to the shutter speed or apperture, (sp?) but I did catch one bit -- take extreme close-ups.

So, I tried that this weekend.

Cold Baby Plum during the Easter Egg hunt. It's a little fuzzy.

Close-up of Little Elvis during a conversation. The flash really washed him out.
Baby Plum doing his (not yet) patented squinchy face. The flash is too bright for him as well, but you do see the drool dripping off his chin.

Not sure what I think about these extreme close-ups. Bob does a better job with the close-up, zoomed in stuff.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The marathon is over!

Our two weekends of nonstop fun have ended! And we made it through them unscathed! Last weekend we had three birthday parties, and Bob had a festival. The parties were all set for different times. This weekend we had two birthday parties and our church's Easter Egg hunt. We weren't so luck with the schedule this time. So, we hit the first birthday party, and left before the cake was served (yes!)

The boys still had fun. Baby Plum tried so hard to climb up in the firetruck like the big boys. The firemen talked about safety and one of them donned his uniform. Baby Plum was very intrigued and kept scooting closer. But when the fireman attempted to give him a high five, Baby Plum made a quick retreat.

Little Elvis answered the 9-1-1 question correctly! (Yay to having two fire station parties on two consecutive weekends) and volunteered to stop, drop and roll, even though he had no idea what he was doing.

After this, we headed for the Easter Egg Hunt, about 20 minutes away. By the time we got there, the younger kids had hunted. So Little Elvis hunted with the 4th-6th graders. One of the big boys helped him, and then another mother helped him. He told me he didn't need my help. After scoring 6 eggs, he got his face painted and rode a horse!

I was shocked. He wasn't nervous or scared at all. And did a great job! My photography skills aren't so great, and we have a very fuzzy version of what I'm sure would have been a super-cute smiling on a horse picture.

It was chilly and Baby Plum just snuggled with his Gram.

After that we headed to McDonald's for lunch, and then to party number 2! A pirates and pixies party.

I thought that meant he needed to dress up, so I made him a pirate hat. He didn't need to dress up. He still looked cute. As did Baby Plum. Baby Plum is so ready to be a big boy. He spent this entire party doing his best to play with the older boys. Not his brother. No. He wanted to play with the 10 and 11-year-olds! I had to keep pulling him out of the middle of their basketball game.

Little Elvis played with kids his age, and told all of the parents about SuperDog.

It was fun. And I'm so glad that we have a bit of a rest now.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sweet, sweet

Sweet, sweet is a favorite pet-name in our house. It's thunderstorm weather here. And if it looks ominous, I don't like to take the boys out. It looked awful on Monday, but I didn't fully realize that until I had them both outside and on our way to the trampoline. We went back inside much to Baby Plum's dismay. Little Elvis semi-understood my reasoning, but Baby Plum did not. He stared out the window and bawled. Little Elvis knelt down beside his brother, hugged him, and then sang one of his songs from Children's Choir at church. The crying stopped. Baby Plum's not a huge fan of hugs from his brother, but he does love music. I wanted to get video so badly, but I knew that if I went to get the camera it might break the spell. Little Elvis has also taken to kissing my boo-boos. If my head hurts or my throat hurts, he wants to kiss it and make it better. And the sweet attention does make my head feel better.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dancing on the table

Baby Plum is our little climber. He loves to climb on top of something and then do his bouncy dance. He's not supposed to be on the coffee table, but he can't help himself. Look at the size of that dance floor! (I guess it's preferable to the 12 inch diameter ottoman he dances on...) Once he's scaled his "mountain," it's easy to see his pride. He is so happy once he accomplishes his goal, even if it's one he's been doing for weeks. We're waiting for him to realize that the built-in bookcase is very similar to a ladder. We truly believe this day will come, and are nervous about it.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Busy, busy boys

Little Elvis was invited to three birthday parties last weekend. Luckily (or maybe not) they were all set at different times. We made it to all three and he handled himself pretty well. Especially when you think about all the cake he consumed! The first party was for one of his friend's that we meet at the library once a week. We left that one and dropped by my parents' house so they could keep Baby Plum during naptime. I managed to get some string cheese and a strawberry into Little Elvis before heading out to the birthday party for his girlfriend from last year. After that, we picked up a newly awake Baby Plum and headed for birthday party #3 -- a boy from Little Elvis' pre-school class. Next week? Two birthday parties, Easter Egg Hunt, kids' film fest and make-up swim lesson. Most scheduled at the same time. He wants to go to everything.

Here Little Elvis is looking all debonair on Sunday morning. His children's choir performed. He did well, and sang as loudly as he could for the last two words. Baby Plum rocked one of his new super-cute summer Sunday outfits. My mom and I got him several at the recent baby consignment sale. My mom wondered why he didn't have any hand-me-downs from Little Elvis, and I swore I couldn't find them. I found them on Saturday. He's going to be the best dressed baby all summer long. See how cute? He got lots of compliments.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Stinky stinker

Does this look like the face of a little stinker? What about this? There's a good chance that Baby Plum is just into more things than his older brother was at 18 months. I mean he has a lot more stuff to get into, thanks to having an older brother. But there's also the very probably chance that I have forgotten all of Little Elvis' hijinx at that age. If that's the case, then good. I will forget about this craziness, too! Baby Plum pulled the lever off of one of our bar stools yesterday, repeatedly pulled cans out of the recycling bin to suck on, would not leave the carbon monoxide detector alone, fell and busted his lip on a shirt that he'd been dragging around the house, found out how to open the gate to Little Elvis' bunkbed that Bob had just adjusted for extra security (he fell down the steps last week,) ate some of Little Elvis' toothpaste, ate some of Little Elvis hand soap (I'm out of space in the medicine cabinet now,) and he helped me sweep. He wants to walk down the concrete steps when we leave the house now, and he needs assistance. I had three bags and his little hand yesterday and managed to whack myself in the forehead with the screen door. Little Elvis kissed it and made it better. The house is currently a mess. I can't manage to get anything done, and when people ask what we've been doing, I have no answer. Stuff. The days go by very quickly these days.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


It's not a misspelling. Little Elvis calls the piano, the pianio (pee-aaa-nee-oh.) It's cute. But Baby Plum's the one who really loves to play the piano. The big baby consignment sale for our area was last weekend. My mom and I bought some cute spring/summer items, and this little beauty:

Baby Plum loves playing my parents' piano and he loves playing two little piano toys that we have at home. But they don't give him very much freedom of expression.

This keyboard is small, but my mom got him the bigger version for his birthday. It's 2-3 times the size, and we think he'll love it.

He certainly likes this one. So does Little Elvis. It's become another one of the things they fight over.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Hop to it!

Little Elvis went to his first movie in a theatre this afternoon. His Coachpa took him to see "Hop." I told him that he couldn't go, because we have plans to go to a movie festival in two weeks. But Coachpa heard this discussion, and decided that he would take Little Elvis. They had a good time, even though Little Elvis didn't get any popcorn. They also both seemed to enjoy the movie. I'm glad. (The movie also helped encourage Little Elvis to eat his Arkansas meal, which was extremely tasty and shouldn't have needed any help getting him to eat it.) In other news, I have decided to give up sodas. I keep getting infections and I can blame them on whatever I want, but I know that sodas are causing this. I told Bob that I might drink one once a week if we go to Sam's for our hotdog/pizza combos. (Little Elvis believes it's a restaurant.) Speaking of food addictions and Sam's, Baby Plum's addiction to bananas has only grown recently. He will happily eat 2 in one sitting (stealing one from us or his brother,) and who knows how many he would actually eat if we let him! We went to Sam's to pick up some of his bananas since they typically have the best price. They were out! They usually have tons. We tried another store and had to pay double the price. Apparently there was a cold snap where they grow bananas. Baby Plum's going to be cut back to one banana a day. I made muffins to ease the pain. I will do a better job with pictures this week.