Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter fun!

Easter pics in reverse. Here are the boys on Easter Day. Little Elvis wore a seersucker jacket and "real" khakis (no cargo pockets,) while Baby Plum wore a sailor suit with matching saddle oxfords. Both were dapper, but not thrilled with posing for pictures. There was too much candy to be eaten.

Riding home after an Easter Egg hunt.
I was not too bright and put Little Elvis' basket of eggs between the boys for the drive home. Baby Plum dug in, opened an egg and made a mess of the melted chocolate.
It was everywhere, and I still need to do more scrubbing of the car seat.
Baby Plum hunting in a clean dressy outfit.
Once he got the hang of it, he had a blast.
Little Elvis racking up the eggs.
He got a painted bunny face and an egg tattoo.
We colored eggs, and he had a lot of fun.

Easter was a lot of fun this year.


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