Sunday, April 03, 2011

Hop to it!

Little Elvis went to his first movie in a theatre this afternoon. His Coachpa took him to see "Hop." I told him that he couldn't go, because we have plans to go to a movie festival in two weeks. But Coachpa heard this discussion, and decided that he would take Little Elvis. They had a good time, even though Little Elvis didn't get any popcorn. They also both seemed to enjoy the movie. I'm glad. (The movie also helped encourage Little Elvis to eat his Arkansas meal, which was extremely tasty and shouldn't have needed any help getting him to eat it.) In other news, I have decided to give up sodas. I keep getting infections and I can blame them on whatever I want, but I know that sodas are causing this. I told Bob that I might drink one once a week if we go to Sam's for our hotdog/pizza combos. (Little Elvis believes it's a restaurant.) Speaking of food addictions and Sam's, Baby Plum's addiction to bananas has only grown recently. He will happily eat 2 in one sitting (stealing one from us or his brother,) and who knows how many he would actually eat if we let him! We went to Sam's to pick up some of his bananas since they typically have the best price. They were out! They usually have tons. We tried another store and had to pay double the price. Apparently there was a cold snap where they grow bananas. Baby Plum's going to be cut back to one banana a day. I made muffins to ease the pain. I will do a better job with pictures this week.