Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little Elvis, big brother

The brotherly dynamic in our house is ever-changing and very interesting. Baby Plum usually adores his big brother, follows him around and tries to do everything that Little Elvis does.

But there are times when Baby Plum gets mad. He will push Little Elvis in the face for getting too close. Baby Plum also screeches if Little Elvis crawls into my lap to listen to a book.

The face-pushing is kind of funny (to everyone, including Little Elvis) and we let it happen, because Little Elvis still has a habit of getting too close to others. We're hoping Baby Plum can convince him that it's not a cool practice.

Yesterday we went to our final birthday party in our month of birthday parties -- 6 total. It was at a day school, and Little Elvis and Baby Plum were the only non-classmates. They both behaved well, and had a blast in the bouncy house.

But the other kids weren't used to smaller babies. The girls kept trying to pick up Baby Plum and "protect" him. Baby Plum's pretty busy and didn't let that keep him down.

On one instance, I was talking to Little Elvis while Baby Plum wandered the gym, following 2 other little boys. The boys started pulling Baby Plum's shirt and knocking him off balance. I assumed they didn't realize that he's not surefooted, and hated to be crazy mom. So, I asked Little Elvis to save Baby Plum.

Little Elvis rushed over, wrapped his brother in a big hug and helped him sit down. I walked over and said not to pull on the baby's shirt. The boys ran off to do something else, and Little Elvis ran back to the bouncy house.

I was proud of him. The whole kids not knowing how to play with toddlers is a common problem. Little Elvis handled it well. I'll have to learn from him.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

We've also experienced the not-knowing-how-to-play-with-toddlers thing. The part that I find the most difficult about it is worrying about other parents. Should I tell your child to be careful, or will you? Are you paying attention anyway? Whose responsibility is this?

6:18 PM  
Blogger mpotter said...

sounds like a very helpful big brother to have.

it kinda drives me crazy when parents don't attend to their kids now that they are "bigger"... because really, they need to be taught how to play with a littly!

good for you for stepping in, and what a great example little e set!

3:30 PM  

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