Saturday, April 30, 2011


Little Elvis had show-and-tell again this week. For the first one, he took his SuperDog cape. He took his Buzz Lightyear costume for the second. This week, he wanted to bring his kitties. I wasn't about to lug 2 unhappy cats (traveling in a cat carrier is not their idea of a fun time)and very active toddler up to pre-school, so we snapped some photos instead.My command was to sit behind Wally and smile while I threw Slappy into the picture and snapped the photo as quickly as I could.

It turned out alright. I also took a photo of him with Wally and chased Slappy for a solo one.

Since I had to pick him up early for an appointment, I got to witness show-and-tell.

He was so excited, and told his teacher that their names were Slappy and Wally. He tried to explain that Slappy ran off for the pictures, but his teacher thought that meant she ran off outside. He decided to embellish on that, and told her that Slappy liked to run away to New York City (his new favorite location.)

His teacher said she always loved his show-and-tells.

Little Elvis' selection of the cats for show-and-tell was so weird. He typically could care less about the cats. But he was adament, so I went with it. (But only after attempting to suggest that he talk about Baby Plum, because we were going to be there anyway. It's probably for the best that he didn't show off his baby brother.)

We left early for an appointment with an occupational therapist. He has issues with fine motor skills (handwriting and cutting.)

This assessment did not go well. I felt completely attacked, and am still trying to digest my feelings on what she had to say after "observing" my son for maybe 15 minutes. She had read some info from his speech therapist and came into the session with a very biased opinion. Very biased. I am going back and forth between hurt and anger over it.

I have a friend that I really trust at my church that I want to discuss this with, and I still want to process everything before I make any real decisions.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I think the photo of the cats was a great idea.

Sometimes, with specialists, they need to determine that there IS a problem, before they can get funding (from insurance or the government) to provide services. That's a pretty sucky situation, because it means you basically have to go through a lot of negative meetings before you can start talking about things in proactive and positive way. My mom, who is a specialist, always advises me to ask a lot of questions about what we can do at home, yadda, yadda - and it does help me feel better about these types of meetings. But this sounds like the type of meeting where you couldn't - or didn't - even have the chance.
I'm sorry. It's been a tough week for you all. Here's sending some pixie dust your way - but NOT the glittery-sticky kind. ;-)

10:12 AM  
Blogger mpotter said...

i hope you'll be able to get a second opinion who can look at Elvis more objectively.
And at the very least, comes about it less "attacking" when discussing the issues (she) sees in him.

Therapy can be frustrating. Believe me! Best wishes with this....

10:24 AM  

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