Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sweet, sweet

Sweet, sweet is a favorite pet-name in our house. It's thunderstorm weather here. And if it looks ominous, I don't like to take the boys out. It looked awful on Monday, but I didn't fully realize that until I had them both outside and on our way to the trampoline. We went back inside much to Baby Plum's dismay. Little Elvis semi-understood my reasoning, but Baby Plum did not. He stared out the window and bawled. Little Elvis knelt down beside his brother, hugged him, and then sang one of his songs from Children's Choir at church. The crying stopped. Baby Plum's not a huge fan of hugs from his brother, but he does love music. I wanted to get video so badly, but I knew that if I went to get the camera it might break the spell. Little Elvis has also taken to kissing my boo-boos. If my head hurts or my throat hurts, he wants to kiss it and make it better. And the sweet attention does make my head feel better.


Blogger mpotter said...

awww. that is a sweet moment!
you were right not to video. maybe reading your blog in 10 years will help you conjure up that memory.

j's been taking to tell me sometimes (mimic of what i say)- "i love your love"

sweet sweet indeed.
hope the weather turns well!

10:34 PM  

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