Thursday, April 28, 2011

While my elbow gently weeps

No pics again. I've been bad with the camera this week. The boys have been cute, but I haven't been in the best mood.

Yesterday, while most of our town was worried about tornadoes in the morning, Baby Plum and I were inside an interior patient room in the sturdy MedServe on the other end of town. (Little Elvis was in pre-school, and it had a basement so I wasn't worried about him.)

Why were we there? On Friday, I decided to pull out a vine in a bed of overgrown ivy. There's all sorts of stuff in this bed that the ivy took over years ago. And there's poison ivy in there. Bob and I have both gotten it at different times.

But I don't guess I saw the three leaves. Anyway, on Saturday my elbow started breaking out. By Sunday the blisters were huge and slowly weeping. By Monday, the blisters were smaller and the weeping became constant. It wept all day on Tuesday, and I was fed up by Wednesday morning.

It didn't look like poison ivy. It was an open wound that constantly oozed. I couldn't put anything on it, and when I tried to cover it up, my arm became feverish and swollen.

On Wednesday morning, I headed to the pharmacy to see if they had suggestions. They took one look at the mess on my arm and sent me to MedServe.

And once there, we waited and waited and waited. At first I wasn't happy. A toddler in a non-pediatrician patient room for more than an hour? Not fun. But when I realized that areas north were under tornado warnings, I was happy that we were there and safe, even if my confined baby wouldn't leave the door alone.

The doctor and nurses were nice and clucked appropriately over my arm (I like sympathy when I'm itchy and swollen.) And Baby Plum was very easy to control when strangers were in the room with us.

Anyway, once we were out of the patient room, they let us stay until the rain calmed down.

The doctor said it should stop weeping in 3-4 days and then I could put cream on it.

I'm staying out of that flower bed and two others until the rest of the poison is gone. Guess that's one problem of moving into an older house with established and overrun beds.


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Ouch! That sounds really miserable. I'm sorry.

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