Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Product placement

Think we can get a kickback for this picture? I think the boys would be excellent spokeskids for a television.

My parents upgraded their TV this evening, and since they were at Sam's -- our favorite place -- the boys and I tagged along. They had a great time riding on this cart in the checkout line.

Thankfully, no accidents at Sam's. Baby Plum ran into a door jamb while playing chase with Little Elvis this morning. He's got a line on his cheek, and another knot on his forehead. It goes well with the other two knots that were already there.

Little Elvis has scrapes on both knees, one foot, and his shoulder. He's got two bruises on his forehead, and he's got a cracked toenail.

And none of these injuries was inflicted by the other brother.

Little Elvis has suddenly become my daredevil. He jumps off all of the furniture in the house now. And loves to jump from Daddy's desk chair to our bed. He also is trying to scale the front of my dresser by using the drawer pulls as rock climbing things. There's nothing up there that he can't reach from the floor, but I guess it needs to be done.

Baby Plum is doing his best to keep up.

Their current favorite playplace? Mommy and Daddy's bed. It's a lot of fun to bounce on, flip on, and jump off of. It's also a great way to shorten my life. I think my reaction to their antics makes it that much more fun.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Only the lonely

Little Elvis spent the holiday weekend out of town with my parents. Leaving Baby Plum all by his lonesome. He didn't really mind, though.

He got all the snuggles and attention he could want. He also got free run of the toys, and the house in general.

We went to visit my mom's parents one day, and after he warmed up to the location, he let my grandmother sing to him and rock him.

I know he made her day, possibly her week. He also went with us to the nursing home to see my dad's father, and after a bit longer of an adjustment period, he let my grandfather hold him.

One of his favorite parts about being an only? All the potato pancakes he can eat!

Whenever we make mashed potatoes, we use the leftovers to make potato pancakes. And Little Elvis usually gobbles up way, way too many. Not this time!

He was so excited about the pancakes, that he had to eat them with a spatula. Actually, he saw that I was flipping them with a metal spatula, and he pulled out a plastic one so he could help. I wouldn't let him near the griddle, so we compromised and he ate his pancakes and applesauce with the spatula.
He did a surprisingly good job!

While Baby Plum loved his weekend by himself, he and Little Elvis couldn't keep their hands to themselves this afternoon when we went to pick up Little Elvis.

I think the wrestling days are upon us...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun day at the park

It's been beautiful here. And we've been enjoying the pretty weather.
Little Elvis had a great time at the park. He played with the bigger kids on the playground equipment, and then decided to help us feed the ducks.
I love this picture with the hat, and the expectant goose.
Baby Plum napped so well in his stroller, and I had an excuse to sit in the shade. Score!

It was a fun day, and both boys behaved so well.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ready for the spotlight

Little Elvis loves the spotlight. Here he's posing with the Sproutarama that Bob made. Little Elvis has been bugging us to make him a Sproutarama for weeks. Notice that he wanted us to make him one? I wanted him to help make it, but he would always lose interest after about 1 minute. So, Daddy came to the rescue. He's so much nicer than I am.

Little Elvis had us immediately post it to Sprout. He only wanted it done so that he could see himself on Sprout. Hopefully I entered it correctly. If they choose it, I hope they let us know, so he can see it.

His picture was in the paper last week. We took him to a bike safety thing for kids. My mom told him that he was a movie star when he saw the photo. He gave her this look that I swear meant, "I know."

Other funnies:

We made naan (kind of) last week. On Monday we took the boys to McDonald's to play. Little Elvis went up to a little girl and asked her if she liked naan. She looked confused, and he told her that it was bread that was hard to eat.

Also last week while Bob was putting him to bed, Little Elvis said, "I've got some bad news," in the tone of someone with some very sobering news. He didn't have bad news, just wanted to delay the inevitable.

He's trying to figure out jokes. Bob and I make witty asides to each other, and laugh a good bit. He wants an explanation of everything that we laugh about, and sometimes will bring up the "punchline" days later in an attempt to get a better explanation. He keeps asking me why I said, "C'mon! It's sunny out!" And I have no idea now why it was funny.

Little Elvis did seem to get one of my "jokes" today, and he told me that it was funny.

Monday, May 23, 2011


The boys playing together last week.
They actually play together pretty well.
But I don't always catch it with the camera.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Proof of falls

I don't often dress the boys completely alike, but they have one set of matching shirts. So, on Thursday morning before storytime we dressed them alike. This was after falls #1 and 2.

Baby Plum is still a happy camper.
Please forgive the messy room. The bed is made, but that's it. I wish I had just closed the closet door and picked up the tractor book.

This was just a few minutes before his super-scary fall in our driveway.

This is later that afternoon. He would not leave band-aids on his little head, so we resorted to using gauze and tape. He still tried to rip that off, so we had to completely rock him to sleep at naptime in order to make sure he didn't tear at it.

This photo will make my mother very angry. Wally (cat) did not nap with Baby Plum. Baby Plum took an extremely long nap, and Bob went in to check on him after 2 1/2 hours. Wally went in as well, and joined Baby Plum for the last few minutes of his nap.

Baby Plum adores the cats, so he was thrilled when he awoke to find one in his bed. He tried to use Wally as a pillow, and he "hugged" on Wally. He also tugged the tail and did a pretty good job of petting. Wally is so lazy, that he tolerated this treatment for several minutes before we finally separated them.

It's funny, Baby Plum has no need for stuffed animals (unless they sing,) but he treats poor Wally like a stuffed animal. If only he would transfer some of his love of the cats to a stuffed animal...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's Baby Plum's turn

Our sweet, sweet boy likes to eat his lunch around 10:30 a.m. If you wait just 5-10 minutes, this is what happens:

He's holding his sandwich in his little hand. Sometimes he falls asleep with food hanging out of his mouth. The crazy thing? I don't feel like he's running ragged, but he must be.
Here he is helping his brother with his train track. When not helping his brother, he's unlocking the backwards gate we put up on the bunk bed, and climbing up to the top bunk.
Taking a thumb break, and trying his best not to mess up Little Elvis' New York replica. That's a whole lot to ask of a little brother, and I think he does a great job not messing up the cities too much.
Look at that stinky face! He loves to do that whenever I bring out the camera. I love it. Too cute, and reminds me of his brother at this age.
Mommy caught him off guard with this pic. See that pretty forehead and sweet nose? Both are banged up at the moment. In three days, he's had three big falls. He fell on his little nose on our driveway on Tuesday. On Wednesday, he flipped over the front of a little ride-on toy. He landed on his nose and forehead. He got a rug burn on his nose and a scratch on his forehead. This morning, he fell on our driveway again, but this time he hit an exposed rock edge (the absolute worst place on our driveway to fall) and his little forehead gushed blood for a bit. It freaked both Bob and me out. Baby Plum bawled like he's never bawled before and we called the doctor. But the tears stopped and the blood slowed. His pupils constricted in different lights. The nurse said he should be fine, and by this evening he looked a lot better.

We went through lots of bandaids though, because he would not leave them alone!

I think we will try not to let him walk around the driveway for a few days.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Recent conversations with Little Elvis

We dined al fresco this evening, per Little Elvis' request. Spaghetti in the great outdoors? Why not?

Toward the end of our meal, he just blurted this out:

Little Elvis: I told (current crush) that I wanted to marry her, but she said, 'No.'

Bob and I were a little stunned. Bob said that she was too young to be making such a commitment. I asked if he asked her to be his girlfriend first. I suggested he try that, and if she said no, to just ask her to be his friend. He also told us that he really likes playing with her.

Here he is with a bouquet of dandelions that he picked for me. He picks me (and his teacher) flowers everytime he goes outside.

Little Elvis also thinks his Grandpa Stew lives in Pennsylvania, because he likes pencils.

There's a road in our area with Lake in the name. Little Elvis told me that he didn't see a lake the last time we were on that road. I told him that he was right, there wasn't a lake. The other night while getting ready for bed, he said to me, "Mommy, let tell you a little something about my friend XX." XX is his best friend and he talks about him all the time. I put XX, because he always calls his best friend by his first and last names. He didn't tell me anything about the best friend by the way, just wanted to delay bedtime.
This evening he said, "Mommy, I want to ask you a question." Then, instead of a question, he told me that when God gave him the power to fly, he would fly me anywhere I wanted to go.

He's really into reading signs. We went to a party at the skating rink this weekend, and he read "girls" on the women's bathroom door. He told an older little girl (estimating 8 or 9) that she could go to that bathroom.

She looked at me, confused. I told her that he was just pointing out where the bathroom was for her. Then she asked me why Little Elvis had blond hair, while his mommy and daddy had brown hair. I told her that his daddy used to have blond hair when he was little.

This little girl has an older brother, who is always so nice to Little Elvis at church. The older boy's mom said that they all loved talking to Little Elvis, because he talked so "growny."

Little Elvis is very formal with his speech. If you ask him a yes, or no question, he will say, "I do," or "I don't."

Instead of too, he will say, "... as well." As in, "I would like some juice as well." or "I want to go to the bathroom as well."

The as well most likely came from me, but we have no clue where he learned the I do's.

He's a funny little boy.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Going to see the grandparents

My mom is getting into taking pictures of the boys with her phone. They're pretty willing subjects.
They love going to see Gram and Coachpa. Baby Plum love, love, loves the piano. Little Elvis gets to build NYC with actual pieces of wood. They both love it when Coachpa pops them fresh popcorn.

Little Elvis knows where Gram hides the snacks, and he has to share whatever he gets with Baby Plum, so they both benefit.

And they both get even more hugs, stories and songs.
No wonder Little Elvis demands (I don't follow his commands, but he makes commandments anyway) that they go to Gram and Coachpa's everyday.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

He's something else, too!

I love all baby stages. They are all fun, but I'm thinking that Baby Plum's current stage is my favorite. He's 19 months, very mobile, working on his vocabulary, and way, way too cute.
He's still into climbing. His current thing is to pull the dining chairs out, climb onto them, and then up onto the table. He also does this with Bob's desk in our bedroom. Pulls out the chair, and climbs up onto the desk.

Sometimes he will just sit in the chairs, though. And this is very cute. Here he is sitting by my grandmother during Little Elvis' pre-school performance. Baby Plum knows to clap when songs end, and he did a great job applauding his brother. (After that, he got a little tired with the performance and roamed the aisle.)

He's such a snuggly, cuddly little boy, and he's getting pretty good at giving hugs. He's been giving kisses for a while now, but the hugs are a sweet addition.
Baby Plum is also very good at following directions. I'll ask him to go to the bathroom, and he takes off. If I ask him to pick up something, or put it in the trash, he does that, too! And he's very deliberate with where he places certain toys. We're so thrilled to possibly have a tidy member of our family. (Neatness doesn't come naturally to the rest of us.)

Baby Plum still loves music, and he's expanding his dance steps daily. He's really into pointing now, and likes to point to the iPod when he's ready to dance.

He's not super vocal yet, but he's trying. His current favorite word is, "Hi!" He says it to the cats and waves wildly. He's also very interested in cow pictures these days.

Baby Plum goes back and forth on his like for his brother. Some days he just adores his big brother, and other days he pushes Little Elvis in the face and fusses at him. Sometimes he pushes for no reason.

Other faves: Books, musical toys, taking off his diaper (especially if he's got a present in there!), and Greek yogurt.

I can't think of any huge dislikes right now, though he does get pretty loud when he doesn't get his way.

He's something else!

Little Elvis has had a great few weeks recently. I'm not sure if it's because he's 4 now, and easier to reason with, or if it's the new parenting book tips that I'm trying to follow.

Either way, it's been nice.

He's become such a little entertainer, and he's getting to be very well-known at our church.

On Sunday, his choir performed during the service.

The teachers wanted the kids to recite a bible verse before they sang. The verse was from Nehemiah. So, the teachers, knowing our son, asked Little Elvis to say Nehemiah in the microphone. Then, the rest of the kids were supposed to say the actual verse.

When it was time, Little Elvis yelled Nehemiah into the microphone, and instead of waiting for the other kids to join in, he yelled the bible verse as well. After that, the music was supposed to start, but it didn't start right away, so he started singing the song by himself, unaccompanied.

The teachers managed to get him to stop singing and wait for the music. But he couldn't just stand in front of a microphone without saying stuff, so he chattered until the music finally started.

Everyone was chuckling at him, and he loved it. I kept whispering to my mom that they just needed to take the microphone from him.

On Saturday evening, we went to my dad's mother's for supper. They asked Little Elvis to pray, and he immediately bent his head and said, "Dear Lord, thank you for everything you've given us."

He got a little sidetracked after that, so my dad whispered that he needed to thank God for moms. So he said, "Thank you for Mommies, and Daddies and anniversaries. They just need to get things done! Amen."

One of his current obsessions is New York City. He wants to go visit, and he's been building replicas of the Big Apple.
Here's one of them. I told him that I think he's got the congestion just about right.

Little Elvis is funny while building his city. Toward the end of construction, he'll look at all of his cars, and then thank me for getting them for him. Sometimes he'll bring me one particular car and thank me for it. I'm loving this.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day at the mommy park

The Mother's Day celebrations started early at our house -- on Friday!

Little Elvis' pre-school performance was Friday morning. He sang with his class, and did a great job. After that, my grandmother took us to Sam's for lunch. (We are all big fans of Sam's.)

After that, Bob, the boys and I headed for a botanical garden in a nearby big city. Bob told Little Elvis it was a mommy park, and Little Elvis decided we could spend three minutes there. But he ended up having a lot more fun that he thought he would. SuperDog in a supersize dog house.
Baby Plum enjoying a small waterfall.
Little Elvis splashing in a "croak" -- I'm assuming he meant creek.
Close-up of Baby Plum enjoying the water.

There were lots of fun things for the boys at the garden, and we spent several hours there. Little Elvis even made a friend.

After that, we headed to Target -- Little Elvis' most anticipated part of the trip. He had a dollar from Gram and Coachpa to spend, and he wanted to eat there as well.

He ended up picking out a little motorhome for himself and a steamroller for Baby Plum. He named the motorhome Roly and the steamroller George.

The next morning, both boys got to enjoy breakfast at the hotel. It's so great for us that both boys think vacations mean visiting Target and eating a breakfast buffet at the hotel. (I think sleeping in the huge bed with Mommy and Daddy was also a whole lot of fun.)

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Book worms

We usually head for the library on Thursdays. Both boys have fun, but today they were both really into picking out their books, and reading them on the way home.
When I pulled into the driveway, both were reading their handpicked books. I had to run into get the camera, so Little Elvis lost his focus on his book by the time I got back.
Baby Plum picked out one about Teddy Bears. He really wanted a book about St. Patrick's Day that was bright green and had way, way too many words. He was still pretty happy with this selection, though.
Little Elvis picked out two books by Mo Willems. Oh, how we love Mo Willems in this house. His books are heavy on the silly, funny stuff. We love them. Right now, we're really liking the Pigeon books. Although, Leonardo was a huge hit a couple of weeks ago.

I'm so glad they are both into books now. For the longest time, Baby Plum wasn't a big fan. But now he's just as excited about being read to as his brother. In fact, most afternoons, we have fights over who gets read to first.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Brave baby

Little Elvis wanted to go to a playground a few days ago. It was late, and we hadn't even started supper. So, we took the boys to a local McDonald's with a semi-outdoor play area.

We usually don't let Baby Plum climb too far, because Little Elvis can't really help him, and I don't want to go climbing after him.

But we were all feeling adventurous. And he had a great time! He climbed all over that thing and played in every part. He even happily went down the slide and went back up the steps.

But on the second time around, he wound up in a little car that Little Elvis said was dirty. Bob couldn't see anything, but I finally had to go in to get Baby Plum.

Little Elvis was right. There was stagnant water in there, and Baby Plum was slipping, so he couldn't get out.

I'll have to pay more attention next time we do a semi-outdoor play area, and wait a few days after a major storm.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Rock-a-bye baby

Little Elvis decided he wanted to rock Baby Plum to sleep on Friday night. For stats, Baby Plum's about 8 inches shorter and just 10 pounds (possibly less at this point!) lighter than his big brother.

So, Bob had to offer some support for this lullaby session.

Little Elvis sang "Rock-a-bye Baby" twice, and then asked, "Is he asleep yet?"