Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Brave baby

Little Elvis wanted to go to a playground a few days ago. It was late, and we hadn't even started supper. So, we took the boys to a local McDonald's with a semi-outdoor play area.

We usually don't let Baby Plum climb too far, because Little Elvis can't really help him, and I don't want to go climbing after him.

But we were all feeling adventurous. And he had a great time! He climbed all over that thing and played in every part. He even happily went down the slide and went back up the steps.

But on the second time around, he wound up in a little car that Little Elvis said was dirty. Bob couldn't see anything, but I finally had to go in to get Baby Plum.

Little Elvis was right. There was stagnant water in there, and Baby Plum was slipping, so he couldn't get out.

I'll have to pay more attention next time we do a semi-outdoor play area, and wait a few days after a major storm.


Blogger mpotter said...

that's so great that he didn't mind any of that. i don't even think to check things when i let j go play on her own.
but at least it wasn't ME the neighbor caught letting her play (head down) in a bucket of water. (while dad grabbed something from inside real quick)

The Mr. is dad of the year. (:

10:20 AM  

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