Tuesday, May 10, 2011

He's something else, too!

I love all baby stages. They are all fun, but I'm thinking that Baby Plum's current stage is my favorite. He's 19 months, very mobile, working on his vocabulary, and way, way too cute.
He's still into climbing. His current thing is to pull the dining chairs out, climb onto them, and then up onto the table. He also does this with Bob's desk in our bedroom. Pulls out the chair, and climbs up onto the desk.

Sometimes he will just sit in the chairs, though. And this is very cute. Here he is sitting by my grandmother during Little Elvis' pre-school performance. Baby Plum knows to clap when songs end, and he did a great job applauding his brother. (After that, he got a little tired with the performance and roamed the aisle.)

He's such a snuggly, cuddly little boy, and he's getting pretty good at giving hugs. He's been giving kisses for a while now, but the hugs are a sweet addition.
Baby Plum is also very good at following directions. I'll ask him to go to the bathroom, and he takes off. If I ask him to pick up something, or put it in the trash, he does that, too! And he's very deliberate with where he places certain toys. We're so thrilled to possibly have a tidy member of our family. (Neatness doesn't come naturally to the rest of us.)

Baby Plum still loves music, and he's expanding his dance steps daily. He's really into pointing now, and likes to point to the iPod when he's ready to dance.

He's not super vocal yet, but he's trying. His current favorite word is, "Hi!" He says it to the cats and waves wildly. He's also very interested in cow pictures these days.

Baby Plum goes back and forth on his like for his brother. Some days he just adores his big brother, and other days he pushes Little Elvis in the face and fusses at him. Sometimes he pushes for no reason.

Other faves: Books, musical toys, taking off his diaper (especially if he's got a present in there!), and Greek yogurt.

I can't think of any huge dislikes right now, though he does get pretty loud when he doesn't get his way.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I'd love to see a video of the dancing!

We like greek yogurt, too. Although I'm suspicious: first there was regular yogurt - and everyone thought it was so good and healthy. Then the public learned it wasn't so quite so healthy because it was made with whole milk. So then, all the yogurt became low fat and 0%. And honestly, obviously, didn't taste quite so good. And now? Greek Yogurt! (With whole milk.) But it's delicious, nonetheless, and we splurge on it whenever we can. Yum, yum.

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