Tuesday, May 10, 2011

He's something else!

Little Elvis has had a great few weeks recently. I'm not sure if it's because he's 4 now, and easier to reason with, or if it's the new parenting book tips that I'm trying to follow.

Either way, it's been nice.

He's become such a little entertainer, and he's getting to be very well-known at our church.

On Sunday, his choir performed during the service.

The teachers wanted the kids to recite a bible verse before they sang. The verse was from Nehemiah. So, the teachers, knowing our son, asked Little Elvis to say Nehemiah in the microphone. Then, the rest of the kids were supposed to say the actual verse.

When it was time, Little Elvis yelled Nehemiah into the microphone, and instead of waiting for the other kids to join in, he yelled the bible verse as well. After that, the music was supposed to start, but it didn't start right away, so he started singing the song by himself, unaccompanied.

The teachers managed to get him to stop singing and wait for the music. But he couldn't just stand in front of a microphone without saying stuff, so he chattered until the music finally started.

Everyone was chuckling at him, and he loved it. I kept whispering to my mom that they just needed to take the microphone from him.

On Saturday evening, we went to my dad's mother's for supper. They asked Little Elvis to pray, and he immediately bent his head and said, "Dear Lord, thank you for everything you've given us."

He got a little sidetracked after that, so my dad whispered that he needed to thank God for moms. So he said, "Thank you for Mommies, and Daddies and anniversaries. They just need to get things done! Amen."

One of his current obsessions is New York City. He wants to go visit, and he's been building replicas of the Big Apple.
Here's one of them. I told him that I think he's got the congestion just about right.

Little Elvis is funny while building his city. Toward the end of construction, he'll look at all of his cars, and then thank me for getting them for him. Sometimes he'll bring me one particular car and thank me for it. I'm loving this.


Blogger mpotter said...

what a great personality he's growing into.
here's to the parenting tips and a compliant kid!

(love the NYC congestion, btw. you're very clever)

3:20 PM  

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