Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's Baby Plum's turn

Our sweet, sweet boy likes to eat his lunch around 10:30 a.m. If you wait just 5-10 minutes, this is what happens:

He's holding his sandwich in his little hand. Sometimes he falls asleep with food hanging out of his mouth. The crazy thing? I don't feel like he's running ragged, but he must be.
Here he is helping his brother with his train track. When not helping his brother, he's unlocking the backwards gate we put up on the bunk bed, and climbing up to the top bunk.
Taking a thumb break, and trying his best not to mess up Little Elvis' New York replica. That's a whole lot to ask of a little brother, and I think he does a great job not messing up the cities too much.
Look at that stinky face! He loves to do that whenever I bring out the camera. I love it. Too cute, and reminds me of his brother at this age.
Mommy caught him off guard with this pic. See that pretty forehead and sweet nose? Both are banged up at the moment. In three days, he's had three big falls. He fell on his little nose on our driveway on Tuesday. On Wednesday, he flipped over the front of a little ride-on toy. He landed on his nose and forehead. He got a rug burn on his nose and a scratch on his forehead. This morning, he fell on our driveway again, but this time he hit an exposed rock edge (the absolute worst place on our driveway to fall) and his little forehead gushed blood for a bit. It freaked both Bob and me out. Baby Plum bawled like he's never bawled before and we called the doctor. But the tears stopped and the blood slowed. His pupils constricted in different lights. The nurse said he should be fine, and by this evening he looked a lot better.

We went through lots of bandaids though, because he would not leave them alone!

I think we will try not to let him walk around the driveway for a few days.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Yikes! Head injuries are scary. Maybe you'll have a little Harry Potter when he heals?

12:40 AM  

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