Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day at the mommy park

The Mother's Day celebrations started early at our house -- on Friday!

Little Elvis' pre-school performance was Friday morning. He sang with his class, and did a great job. After that, my grandmother took us to Sam's for lunch. (We are all big fans of Sam's.)

After that, Bob, the boys and I headed for a botanical garden in a nearby big city. Bob told Little Elvis it was a mommy park, and Little Elvis decided we could spend three minutes there. But he ended up having a lot more fun that he thought he would. SuperDog in a supersize dog house.
Baby Plum enjoying a small waterfall.
Little Elvis splashing in a "croak" -- I'm assuming he meant creek.
Close-up of Baby Plum enjoying the water.

There were lots of fun things for the boys at the garden, and we spent several hours there. Little Elvis even made a friend.

After that, we headed to Target -- Little Elvis' most anticipated part of the trip. He had a dollar from Gram and Coachpa to spend, and he wanted to eat there as well.

He ended up picking out a little motorhome for himself and a steamroller for Baby Plum. He named the motorhome Roly and the steamroller George.

The next morning, both boys got to enjoy breakfast at the hotel. It's so great for us that both boys think vacations mean visiting Target and eating a breakfast buffet at the hotel. (I think sleeping in the huge bed with Mommy and Daddy was also a whole lot of fun.)


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