Monday, May 30, 2011

Only the lonely

Little Elvis spent the holiday weekend out of town with my parents. Leaving Baby Plum all by his lonesome. He didn't really mind, though.

He got all the snuggles and attention he could want. He also got free run of the toys, and the house in general.

We went to visit my mom's parents one day, and after he warmed up to the location, he let my grandmother sing to him and rock him.

I know he made her day, possibly her week. He also went with us to the nursing home to see my dad's father, and after a bit longer of an adjustment period, he let my grandfather hold him.

One of his favorite parts about being an only? All the potato pancakes he can eat!

Whenever we make mashed potatoes, we use the leftovers to make potato pancakes. And Little Elvis usually gobbles up way, way too many. Not this time!

He was so excited about the pancakes, that he had to eat them with a spatula. Actually, he saw that I was flipping them with a metal spatula, and he pulled out a plastic one so he could help. I wouldn't let him near the griddle, so we compromised and he ate his pancakes and applesauce with the spatula.
He did a surprisingly good job!

While Baby Plum loved his weekend by himself, he and Little Elvis couldn't keep their hands to themselves this afternoon when we went to pick up Little Elvis.

I think the wrestling days are upon us...


Blogger Jeni said...

Must have been a good weekend for the older siblings to be awol, Skyler was with our in-laws too! Mason loved the single child life just as much as it seems Baby Plum did :).

1:56 AM  

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