Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ready for the spotlight

Little Elvis loves the spotlight. Here he's posing with the Sproutarama that Bob made. Little Elvis has been bugging us to make him a Sproutarama for weeks. Notice that he wanted us to make him one? I wanted him to help make it, but he would always lose interest after about 1 minute. So, Daddy came to the rescue. He's so much nicer than I am.

Little Elvis had us immediately post it to Sprout. He only wanted it done so that he could see himself on Sprout. Hopefully I entered it correctly. If they choose it, I hope they let us know, so he can see it.

His picture was in the paper last week. We took him to a bike safety thing for kids. My mom told him that he was a movie star when he saw the photo. He gave her this look that I swear meant, "I know."

Other funnies:

We made naan (kind of) last week. On Monday we took the boys to McDonald's to play. Little Elvis went up to a little girl and asked her if she liked naan. She looked confused, and he told her that it was bread that was hard to eat.

Also last week while Bob was putting him to bed, Little Elvis said, "I've got some bad news," in the tone of someone with some very sobering news. He didn't have bad news, just wanted to delay the inevitable.

He's trying to figure out jokes. Bob and I make witty asides to each other, and laugh a good bit. He wants an explanation of everything that we laugh about, and sometimes will bring up the "punchline" days later in an attempt to get a better explanation. He keeps asking me why I said, "C'mon! It's sunny out!" And I have no idea now why it was funny.

Little Elvis did seem to get one of my "jokes" today, and he told me that it was funny.


Blogger lisa said...

Try knock knock jokes. They are hoot.

What's sprout?

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